Get Spot out for a trot with these Calgary dog walkers

Dogs crave exploration, exercise and companionship. These dog-walking services ensure your dog gets out and about when you’re unable or unavailable. Most offer group walks in off-leash parks, private neighbourhood walks and toilet-break home visits. Many also offer boarding and pet-sitting services. Most require that dogs be licensed and up-to-date with vaccinations. Image credit:

Puppies Unleashed

131 Falsby Rd NE, Calgary, AB T3J 1B7

Unleashed or on a lead, your dog will enjoy a walk with Puppies Unleashed. Serving Calgary neighbourhoods in the northeast, northwest and downtown, Puppies Unleashed will take your dog or dogs for group or solo visits to off-leash dog parks for 30 minutes to one hour. Rates are $20 for a one-hour group walk, $25 for a solo half-hour walk, and $10 for each additional dog to a maximum of two. Other services offered include 15-minute backyard breaks at your home for $20, boarding, pet sitting visits and full-day care. Dogs are picked-up and dropped off at your home. Walkers are trained in animal first aid.

Calgary Professional Dog Care

Calgary Dog Professional Pet Care is there to make your dog’s life even better. Bonded and certified in pet first aid, its walkers will take your dog to an off-leash park for a playgroup walk lasting one-hour for $20 ($10 per additional dog). Private one-hour neighbourhood walks are $40, or enroll in the mobile dog daycare – the dog is picked up before 9 am and returned at 4 pm after two walks for $30 per day. Dog sitting is also offered at $30 for two daily visits and $40 for daytime or overnight boarding. Private behavioral consultation is also available.


6909 Farrell Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0T3

Serving the entire city, BowDog offers off-leash park visits, pet boarding, doggy daycare, dog training and dog grooming, all at their large facility, which includes a 15,000 square-foot outdoor play area. Group walks are available morning and afternoons, including weekends, and dogs are picked up and dropped off at your home. Staff are trained and certified and available 24/7, seven days a week.

Cruiz'n Pawz

Calgary, AB T3C 1V2

A cruise in the car followed by a visit to the park. This would be every dog’s daily routine if they were the boss, and Cruiz ’n Paws is there to make this very routine fun, safe and healthy. Serving southwest Calgary, Cruiz ’n Paws’ insured and pet-first-aid trained walkers will take your dog for an off-leash park experience for one hour at $21, with an additional $10 for an additional dog. Private neighbourhood walks are $25 per 30 minutes, with an extra $10 for an additional dog. Senior and puppy bathroom breaks are available for $16. All dogs are picked up and dropped off at your home.

All Paws In

125 Fireside Pl, Cochrane, AB T4C 0R4

Most dogs are always “all-in” for a neighbourhood stroll or visit to an off-leash park. And All Paws In ensures your dog get the most out of its outdoor excursion. Serving many central, close-in Calgary communities, the service offers individual neighbourhood walks, off-leash-park group visits, senior and puppy potty breaks and cat-sitting. Fees are $22 per one-hour off-leash group walks (up to three per week), $20 for more than three per week – one additional dog is $10. Private 30-minute on-leash walks are $25 per half hour, $30 per hour. Pee breaks and puppy visits are $15 with a $5 fee for each additional dog. Cat sitting starts at $20 per hour.

Paskapoo Pet Services

Don’t let your dogs slide down the slippery slope of inactivity. Get them going with Paskapoo Pet Services. Serving northeast and northwest Calgary, Paskapoo offers dog walking, pet and house sitting, pet boarding and poop scooping services. The family-run operation is fully insured and bonded. Private on-leash neighbourhood walks are $25 per half hour, $37 for 45 minutes and $50 for one hour, for up to two large dogs or three small dogs. All walks are scheduled between 10 am and 3 pm. Off-leash park rates vary, and pre-paid packages are available.

Dawg Tired

2715 14 Street SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3V2

A tired dog is a happy dog, and Dawg Tired has the expertise and loving care to ensure your dog’s walks are fun, healthy and safe. This service offers groups walks, dog sitting, behavioural coaching and recreational agility courses. Each dog is given special attention by experienced walkers who are trained in animal first aid. Off-leash pack walks are $22 for one hour, and two dogs are $38. There is a minimum of two walks per week to ensure familiarity and consistency with the dog and the walker. Call for information and areas served.

A Bark Above Dog Walking and Pet Services

Going above and beyond for your dog is standard practice for A Bark Above Dog Walking and Pet Services. Serving southeast communities such as Cranston and McKenzie Lake and surrounding neighbourhoods, the service offers one-hour group walks in rotating parks for $25, private on-leash neighbourhood walks for $25 per half-hour and $32 per hour. Walks are available Monday to Friday. Additional services include one-on-one 30-minute cat visits for $25, nutritional consultation and poop cleanup. Dogs are picked-up and dropped-off at your home. Walkers are insured and trained in pet first aid.

Calgary Dog Walker

Calgary Dog Walker caters to your dog’s needs. Older dogs get a slower, less strenuous walk in your neighbourhood or at the off-leash park. Active dogs will be allowed to burn off lots of energy with more strenuous walks. On-leash, neighbourhood individual and group walks are $15 for 30 minutes and $20 for an hour, and off-leash park adventures lasting one-hour are $20. Other services available are toilet-stop home visits, yard poop clean up, dog transportation and care for cats, birds, reptiles and rodents.

Steele Arrow Canine Services

Steele Arrow Canine Services walkers are experienced in fostering dogs and training wolves for movie work. Seasoned animal handlers, they ensure your dog receives healthy, stimulating, safe walks. Steele Arrow offers one-hour, off-leash group walks for $25, with one additional dog for an extra $10. Private neighbourhood walks are $25 for a half-hour, and $38 for a full hour. Additional dogs add $10 each. Other services include in-home, overnight care, senior and puppy visits, bathroom breaks and a dog shuttle service. Services are available Monday to Friday.

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