Go gallery hopping in East Vancouver

When it comes to viewing art off the beaten track in Vancouver, go east. These top galleries prove why the industrial district is known as much for its art as its machinery.

Equinox Gallery

525 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC V5T 1E1

In keeping with its reputation for innovation, Equinox was one of the first prestigious galleries on Vancouver’s west side to make the controversial move east, opening their beautiful Great Northern Way space in 2012. Presenting challenging work from Canadian artists in a global context, highly-acclaimed, rotating exhibitions cover a variety of mediums – from sculpture, to photography and painting, to architectural renderings, and everything in between. With such diverse programming, Equinox is a must-see for art lovers of all walks of life.

Gam Gallery

110 Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC V6A 1N4

Proudly located in Vancouver’s developing Downtown Eastside district, GAM wears many hats: it’s a viewing space, work space, small boutique, and show venue for local performers. In keeping with its multifarious identity, this small but mighty gallery offers a variety of grass-roots programming such as games nights for the local community, theatre and music events, model drawing, film screenings and markets featuring local vendors. Such a wide-ranging scope rings true to the gallery’s unspoken mandate that art is indeed for everyone.

Arts Off Main

1704 Charles St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2T5

This quaint, whitewashed building nestled in the heart of Mount Pleasant offers an array of fine art works from Vancouver-based artists and makers, including handmade cards, photography, jewellery, the occasional clothing item, pottery, and much, much more. But what makes this eclectic space most unique is its commitment to change; the gallery (which doubles as a framing shop) operates under an ever-evolving collective of local artists. As new owners come and go, aesthetics shift, much to the delight of the dynamic neighbourhood.

Burrard Arts Foundation

258 1St Ave E, Vancouver, BC V5T 1A6

Located on East Broadway just shy of Main Street, Burrard Arts Foundation showcases the work of local and international artists in an intimate setting. Within the small gallery and adjoining studio, challenging exhibitions have shown photos by an acclaimed Brazilian photographer, paintings by Vancouver artists, and the famous “Experience Spheres,” in which viewers were encouraged to peer inside hanging globes for “a unique array of sensory stimuli.” A registered charity, Burrard Arts provides assistance to emerging artists through their professional development programs – so rest assured your funds are going back to the artists when you visit.

Catriona Jeffries Gallery

950 Cordova St E, Vancouver, BC V6A 1M6

A heavy-hitter on the international art scene, Catriona Jeffries is one of Canada’s premier contemporary art galleries, recognized for its “ongoing, rigorous contribution to contemporary art discourse.” Presented in a converted auto-repair shop, ambitious exhibitions showcase the work of such high-profile artists as Geoffrey Farmer, Christina Mackie, Liz Magor and Valerie Bras. And accompanying each remarkable exhibition is an equally stunning art book, produced in-house by acclaimed CJ Press, for purchase in the gallery’s shop. Inexperienced viewers need not fear this respected gallery; from critics to tourists, all are welcome to witness big talents in CJ’s intimate setting.

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