Go girl! Programs that teach girls leadership in Edmonton

Girls who learn from an early age the importance of leadership and self-confidence will be better equipped to grow into women who can go out and conquer the world. As parents, guardians and family members of girls, we can all help by being positive role models in their lives. Here are some local programs that can help us as we encourage our girls to learn valuable leadership skills and solidify inner confidence.

Girl Guides of Canada - Edmonton Area

11055 107 Street NW 3rd Floor, Edmonton, AB T5H 2Z6

Girl Guides programming ranges in ages from Sparks (ages five and six) to Rangers (ages 15 to 17). Depending on the age group, the Girl Guides’ core programming focuses on things such as discovering community, healthy friendships, online safety, self-esteem, leadership and body image issues. Famous for selling their delicious cookies, Girl Guides has been around in Canada since 1910, and has been empowering girls through fun activities such as camping, international travel, volunteerism and skill-building exercises ever since.

YWCA Of Edmonton

100-10350 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 3V9

The YWCA is a non-profit group that runs programs designed to empower girls and “influence positive social change for future generations.” Their Girl Space program covers topics such as realistic body images, independence, assertiveness and responsible decision making. The YWCA is wonderful because it actively makes it their business to support and celebrate the future female leaders from the City of Edmonton and beyond.

Vertically Inclined Rock Gym

8523 Argyll Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 4B2

Just off Argyll Road, Vertically Inclined Rock Gym offers private instruction, group lessons and open rock climbing times. The gym teaches girls how to tackle the mental and physical aspects of “climbing mountains” (both literally and figuratively speaking). All level of climbers are welcome, and girls will have a lot of fun while trying out something new and staying active.

Discover E Engineering/Science Camps

Edmonton, AB T6G 2V4

Now more than ever, girls are being encouraged to embrace their love of science, math, technology and engineering. A program delivered through the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta, GEM Club gives girls the opportunity to do some hands-on learning and build confidence in different fields of science. GEM Club programming is split into two groups—one for girls in grades three through five and one for girls in grades six through nine.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Edmonton & Area

10135 89 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 1P6

Describing themselves as an organization that is focused on addressing the emotional, physical, educational and overall wellness of children and youth, the Edmonton Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton and Area (BGCBigs) is an excellent resource for girls in the city who are looking for supportive programming. The group has a mentorship program that matches kids with a mentor who can helps to instill confidence, a sense of hope, healthy interactions, self-esteem and improved academics.

St Albert Community Information & Volunteer Centre

10-215 Carnegie Dr, St. Albert, AB T8N 5B1

What better way to empower a girl than by helping her to help someone else? CIVIC is a non-profit organization based in St. Albert whose mandate it is to connect people (including youth) with meaningful volunteer opportunities. Volunteering will help kids gain work experience, give them the chance to lead and will grow their confidence, showing them they can accomplish new and challenging goals. Volunteering is also something a mother and daughter, for example, can do together to strengthen family bonds.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

13315 Buena Vista Rd, Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

It may seem strange to have the Edmonton Valley Zoo on this list but consider this: The zoo offers unique youth programming like junior zoo keepers and animal explorers. These programs allow kids to go outside their comfort zones and be around animals that are out of the ordinary of every day, while building confidence in the processes. Many kids are naturally drawn to animals, so involving girls in programs such as those available at the zoo will help to build empathy and will be an unforgettable learning experience.

Prana Yoga Studio Inc

5611 199 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 0M8

Prana Yoga Studio offers classes for kids as young as five up to age 11, while teen yoga is for kids aged 12 to 18. Focusing on building skills that will create a lifelong foundation for well-being, the yoga studio lists benefits of their programming as: building strong and healthy bodies, fostering healthy social interactions, help with focus and concentration and building self-esteem and acceptance. Drop-in classes and pre-register classes are both available.

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