Go hollandaise in Halifax with these eggs Benedict

Whether you're the kind who prefers theirs eggs Benedict standard with ham and spinach, or the adventurous type who piles on the trout gravlax, Halifax is the city for you. There is no shortage of hollandaise sauce in these parts, whether you're North End, West End or downtown. Any time of day, eggs benny is always within your reach.

Bluenose II Restaurant

1824 Hollis St, Halifax, NS B3J 1W4

In the downtown core, you will be hard-pressed to find a more classic old Halifax spot than the Bluenose II, located only a block from the harbour itself. Slide into one of the old booths, get yourself some black coffee, watch the fog roll in and enjoy an unpretentious plate of lobster eggs Benedict. That's right – in Nova Scotia, lobster eggs Benedict is the unpretentious option.

Armview Restaurant & Lounge

7156 Chebucto Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1N4

Why can't every restaurant have seven types of eggs Benedict on its menu? This is the question you will ask after eating at The Armview, a delicious spot in West End Halifax. From the paprika simplicity of the Original, to the Muchacho with its Sweet Williams chorizo sausage with a hint of cilantro, you will be racking your brain over which one to choose. Did you know they have a Feature Weekend Benny that changes depending on market conditions?

Elle's Bistro

1678 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2A2

They never stop serving breakfast at Elle's Bistro, which means you'll always be able to satisfy that craving for eggs benny. Located on a rejuvenating block of Barrington Street, this place functions in classic diner style: the menu is chock-full, the prices are reasonable, the staff are friendly and the food comes quick and hot. Ever had shrimp and scallops on your Benedict? If not, this place is a must for you.

The Westin Nova Scotian

1181 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS B3H 2P6

The food is traditional, simple and high quality. While there is only one variety of eggs Benedict on the menu, it comes complete with slices of impeccable peameal bacon atop an English muffin. Nestled inside the Westin Hotel, it's convenient for business travelers, but locals know that it's tasty as well.

Chi Bistro

5687 Charles St, Halifax, NS B3K 1K5

A lovely creperie just off the Agricola Street strip in North End Halifax, Tess is known throughout the city for their crepes Benedict. That's right, they wrap up the eggs in a crepe and put it all on a delicious lake of hollandaise sauce. Try it with smoked bacon and brie. Get there fast: the dining room isn't huge and there's competition for these delicious creations.

Ardmore Tea Room Limited

6499 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1B2

This is a venerable institution in Halifax: its blue awning and white sign offering "Chicken + Spaghetti" has been a fixture on Quinpool Rd. for decades. "Gourmet" is not the operative word here: You'll find traditional eggs Benedict on the menu – no fancy variations – and you'll get it at a good price. On a Saturday morning, when your head is throbbing and your stomach is screaming for grease, what else will do?

Prince George Hotel

1725 Market St, Halifax, NS B3J 3N9

For a sophisticated Sunday brunch in downtown Halifax, there's the Terrace Restaurant at the Prince George Hotel. Served on Sundays from noon until 2 p.m. inside and, in pleasant weather, outside, this is dependably delicious food and all-you-can-eat to boot. Come get those eggs and douse them in that thick, fragrant hollandaise. You know you want to.

The Caesar is a true Canadian classic invented in a Calgary hotel in the 1960s. But this beloved Canuck cocktail is just as popular in Halifax as it is on the Prairies. The vodka flows freely, the Clamato juice is plentiful and there’s lots of pepper to go around. From downtown to the North End, sally forth and seek your perfect Caesar.
Halifax has a healthy food scene, but is still finding its footing with ramen; the selection is limited with stark variations in quality and diversity. Don't despair though – there are some wonderful places that have sprung up in the last few years where you're bound to find ramen to your liking.
Halifax is a town built for eaters and drinkers: Whenever a new spot opens, there's always plenty of interest in and debate around it. In order to hold your own as a restaurant here in Halifax, you have to do something tasty and interesting. This holds especially true for that cherished dish: The salad. All the traditional iterations are here, as well as succulent Cobb versions to citrus Caesar salads.
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