Go with the flow at these top Quebec City maple sugar shacks

Ah, sugar shacks! Those jewels of Quebec gastronomy, those Aladdin's caves of the greatest delicacies! Get ready, as the cliché goes, to satisfy your sweet tooth in one of the following maple sugar shacks around Quebec City!

Erablière Le Chemin du Roy

237, ch du Lac, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC G3A 1W7

Near Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, the Le Chemin du Roy sugar shack also offers great buffet-style meals, together with entertainment and traditional music. Be tickled at the appearance of “chiard aux grillades” on the menu (a regional fricassee dish of potatoes, onions and bacon with a somewhat rude name).

Erablière Du Lac Beauport

200, ch des Lacs, Lac-Beauport, QC G3B 1C4

In the enchanting surrounds of Lac-Beauport, along the chemin des Lacs, this similarly year-round sugar shack welcomes you in a folksy setting with hearty meals. A visit to the shop to stock up before leaving is mandatory.

La Bûche, Cabane à Sucre

49, rue Saint-Louis, Québec, QC G1R 3Z2

Sugar-lovers will cry “finally!” at La Buche, the only sugar shack in downtown Quebec City that’s open year-round. More bistro than shack, this restaurant on rue Saint-Louis revisits grandma’s classics in somewhat twisted fashion. The home-made smoked salmon crepe has been known to leave more than one person drooling.

Le Relais Des Pins

2013 Ch Royal, Ste Famille (P), QC G0A 3P0

Next to the island of Orleans, this magnificent traditional sugar shack has fed the hungry year-round for over 50 years. When eating here, the sugar pie (a real house special) should not be missed, and prepare for a stunning view of the river while tucking into the taffy on snow.

Cité Joie

28, ch des Cascades, Lac-Beauport, QC G3B 0C4

Eating well while doing a good deed: what a tasty combo! Every March, non-profit organisation Cité Joie organizes a delicious sugar shack for groups (subject to reservation) in the natural surroundings of Lac-Beauport. All proceeds, including those from locally processed maple products, are donated to the organization.

Erablière du Cap

1925, ch Lambert, Saint-Nicolas, QC G7A 2N4

On the other side of the bridge, on the South Shore of the Saint-Nicolas area, sits the Érablière du Cap. They serve a buffet-style “traditional Canadian meal”, featuring all the sugar shack classics: pea soup, pickles, oreilles de crisse (deep-fried smoked pork jowls), meat pie, and everything that can be drizzled with maple syrup. And taffy, of course!

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