Group bonding: Get active with the gang in Edmonton

If your weekend usually means more texts from your friends asking at which bar you’re planning on sitting around and drinking, maybe it’s time to switch it up. There are plenty of places around town to bond with your buds while keeping your heart rate up.

Axe Hole Indoor Axe Throwing

104-11614 119 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 2X7

If your friends are the constantly-planning-for-the-zombie-apocalypse type, then get them together and level up your hatchet-hucking skills. It’s not the cheapest outing around, but it’s damn sure one of the most fun. Plus, if you get enough people together, there are phenomenal group rates. It’s safer to face the end of the world as a group, right?

LaunchPad Trampoline Park

6142 50 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 2N7

Like your childhood friends’ backyards multiplied by 100, Launchpad is an atmospheric good time that’s also a great way to ensure your friends with kids don’t feel excluded. But don’t get it twisted – adults are fully encouraged to bounce to new heights. There’s no shortage of activities, including a foam pit, ladder, basketball net and more. If your squad likes it, you can always sign up for the trampoline dodgeball league – yes, that’s a thing.

William Hawrelak Park

9330, Groat Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2A8

If your friends are cheap, convince them to lace up and do some laps around the ice at Hawrelak Park. If you get there at the right time, you will be privy to hot dogs, hamburgers and sweet drinks – you know, the essentials – which you can enjoy by the fire pits. The ice quality varies depending on the weather, but it’s always well-maintained.

Gateway Entertainment Centre

100-3414 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6R5

Bowling takes precision, patience and, for some, panache … All of which goes out the window at this 10-pin joint, intended for people to have a good time. The music is usually pumping, so you don’t have to hear your friends heckle you. Plus, you get to wear fancy shoes for an hour. If you want to save a couple bucks, go on Toonie Tuesdays.

World Waterpark

8882 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2

Yeah, yeah, everyone hates the mall, but there’s no denying the awe-inducing, unadulterated fun to be found at the World Waterpark. There are almost 20 different slides, waves for days and some excellent play areas. For the people who prefer to chill, there are lounge chairs and a beachfront patio. If you’re brave enough, give the indoor bungee jump a shot.

Rabbit Hill Snow Resort

Gen Del, Nisku, AB T9E 8A9

If you want to shred but don’t want to make the trek to the mountains, hit up Rabbit Hill. It’s not massive, but you don’t need it to be to have fun. Hold races on the runs or give some tricks a shot at the terrain park – this little hill is yours to conquer.

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Not only is our city packed with talented musicians, there are also several joints to catch them putting on a show. These are Edmonton’s most reliable places you can just walk right into any night of the week and likely find good live music.
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