Halifax’s best bets for weekday breakfast

If you’re up early, you deserve to be rewarded with a great breakfast. After all, it’s the most important meal of the day (or at least that’s what they say!). Whether you’re in the heart of downtown or out in the suburbs, there are lots of delicious breakfast spots in Halifax to choose from, and a few that even specialize in early-morning fare.

The Coastal Café

2731 Robie St, Halifax, NS B3K 4P1

If you want a gourmet breakfast – arguably the best in the city – The Coastal Café is top choice for most locals. Doors open at 8:00 or 9:00 am during the week (10:00 am on Sundays) and breakfast is available all day long. The daytime menu is certainly unique, and includes a number of inventive dishes such as lamb meatballs served over scrambled eggs and apple pie-stuffed pancakes. Take note, the kitchen is closed on Wednesdays.

Ardmore Tea Room Limited

6499 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1B2

This little diner was established in 1958 and is consequently a Halifax landmark. The food is all freshly made onsite and quite inexpensive. They at 5:00 am throughout the week, so it’s an ideal spot for the earliest of meals. Frugal early risers will be happy to know that the standard breakfast is just $3.99 before 11:00 am. Expect all the classic breakfast options, including excellent steaming hot coffee.

Mary´s Place Café II

5982 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 1Y7

Mary’s Place is a quaint little diner with a Middle Eastern twist. The space is cozy and tiny, with typically only one server working. They have lots of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as hearty, meaty breakfasts for the carnivores among us. The restaurant is open every day at 7:00 am (except Sundays, when they open at 9:00 am) and offers a personal, intimate breakfast experience.

Micmac Bar And Grill

219 Micmac Bar And Grill, Dartmouth, NS B2X 2T5

Open at 10:00 am seven days a week, Mic Mac is where locals go for the ultimate breakfast. Epic portions are their specialty, as well as flavourful, high quality food. If you’re really hungry, try the steak and eggs (a favourite with regular customers), which is often on special for under $13. They make a mean Caesar too, in case you’re into boozy breakfasts. If you’re on the Dartmouth side of the water, you can’t pass up an opportunity to eat here.

Bluenose II Restaurant

1824 Hollis St, Halifax, NS B3J 1W4

If you ask businessperson what their go-to downtown breakfast spot is, most will answer “Bluenose II,” without a moment of hesitation. This place is packed all week long from 7:00 am onwards. There are some Greek options, but most people go for the omelettes or eggs Benedict. It’s a Halifax institution and a must-try if you’re downtown.

Cora Breakfast & Lunch

1535 Dresden Row, Halifax, NS B3J 3T1

With multiple locations across the city, you cannot go wrong with this East Coast, bilingual breakfast chain. Over-flowing plates with intricately cut fresh fruit, delicious daily smoothie specials and crispy fried potatoes are just some of the signature perks of a Cora’s breakfast. The extensive menu of sweet and savoury fare mean there’s something to please everyone. Oh, and you get homemade fudge instead of a mint when you pay the bill. How awesome is that?

When it comes to planning a business lunch, finding the perfect spot can be a challenge. You need a place that’s not too noisy, with reasonable wait times and efficient service. And of course, it’s an added bonus if the food and atmosphere impress the people you’re meeting with, whether they’re colleagues, partners or clients. These Halifax restaurants have been tried, tested and approved by the city’s movers and shakers.
Some may be surprised to hear that Halifax is known for its rock star bartenders, but it shouldn't really come as a shock, since Maritimers are known to fancy a drink. The fact is that the Nova Scotian capital boasts seriously creative bartenders who are producing some of the country's most cutting-edge craft cocktails. Nestled in the downtown core, there are endless options for tasty and inventive libations in Halifax.
Not to be too morbid, but if I was on death row, my last meal would definitely be Thai – it’s my favourite type of cuisine on the planet! The first time I ever had Thai food just so happened to be in Halifax, and I’ve been completely hooked ever since. Thai fare is very popular in the city, so you’ll never be too far from a steaming plate of pad Thai or a bowl of spicy green curry.
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