Halifax’s best coffee shops

Halifax has lots of great coffee shops. Your favourite java place is probably the one in your neighbourhood, where they know your name and what you drink (half-caf no-foam non-fat vanilla soy latte, right?). Maybe you have a go-to shop where you meet up with friends or hold meetings. Or maybe you are a coffee snob and only the best will do!

Java Blend Coffee Roasters

6027 North St, Halifax, NS B3K 1N9

At Java Blend, the coffee is roasted on site after a careful process of selecting the best beans and the best roast for each type. You can even walk through the roastery itself (you’ll have to if you make a trip to the bathroom!). Java Blend works closely with trusted suppliers and sells both fair-trade organic and micro-lot coffee. This coffee shop is a quintessential north end hang out, but you’ll find their coffee in restaurants around the city and you can grab a cup at the Seaport Market.

Pavia Gallery Espresso Bar and Cafe

995 Herring Cove Rd, Herring Cove, NS B3V 1H6

The original Pavia Gallery, located in Herring Cove, is modelled after an Italian-style espresso bar. This licensed café has an on-site bakery, art gallery and weekend waffles! Now, Pavia has a downtown presence at the brand new Halifax Public Library. There are actually two cafés in the library: One on the ground level and one on the top floor with lots of natural light and a great city view. The drip coffee at Pavia is locally roasted, but they import their espresso from a micro-roastery in Florence. The menu features Panini, soups and baked goods with a locally sourced emphasis.

Smiling Goat Cafe

1475 Lower Water Unit 12, Halifax, NS B3J 3Z2

The Smiling Goat is known to make some of the best coffee in the city! They use a Clover (vacuum French press) at their South Park location and a Trifecta (total immersion/air injection) at their Bishop’s Landing location. The house espresso is roasted by Java Blend, and there is always a feature espresso. The Smiling Goat offers hard-to-find drinks, such as café Romano and flat whites. The Bishop’s Landing location is a larger, busier version of the original South Park location. It is licensed and offers a fuller menu.

The Nook on Gottingen

2118 Gottingen St, Halifax, NS B3K 0C5

Coffee, tea, food, intoxicants - that’s The Nook! This is a cozy little spot on Gottingen Street with various seating options, including several “nooks,” where you can sit with a group of friends. A great place to work or to socialize, The Nook has Propeller beer on tap and Laughing Whale coffee on drip. There are also hot and cold cocktails, teas and “potions.” Whether you are detoxing, have the flu or a hangover, there is a potion for you. The menu has a range of sandwiches, salads and snacks (nachos!) with lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Humani -T Cafe

5755 Young St, Halifax, NS B3K 1Z9

Humani-T Café is a health store/café located in the Hydrostone district of Halifax. There is also a newer downtown location (South Park) that is more of a straight up café and open later (11 p.m.). They both sell an array of pastries and cakes, and their gelato is very popular. Drip coffee and creative espresso-based drinks are available, as well as smoothies and teas. Humani-T makes their own cold brew and their own Chai spice blend. Also available are matcha lattes, yerba lattes and inka (chicory coffee substitute).

Lion & Bright

2530 Agricola St, Halifax, NS B3K 4C5

Lion & Bright is a café by day, wine bar by night. Located on a very hip stretch of Agricola Street, you can expect this place to be busy with all sorts of north end types. Lion & Bright is connected to Local Source Market, which supplies them with all of their food. They are known for craft beer, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches and charcuterie. Whether you need a place to work, socialize, dine or just grab a coffee to go – Lion & Bright has you covered.

Haligonians love their pizza, but we’ve become accustomed to budget pizza shops that cater to hungry students, busy families, the post-bar crowd and people in pajamas. Salvatore’s and Tomavino’s have been quietly leading the gourmet pizza front for years but now a brave new Halifax craves local ingredients, authenticity, artisanal technique and a good wine pairing!
The area covered by Dartmouth is much larger than that of Halifax. Tack on Cole Harbour and we’re dealing with a vast area with distinct identities and pizza delivery zones. Whether you live in Highfield Park, Woodside or Montebello, pizza shops can be counted on to provide a wide range of foods of varying quality and value. So, you live in Dartmouth. This list attempts to answer that age-old question: Where is the best pizza?
For a city with a culinary heritage of boiled fish and potatoes, Halifax is crazy about sushi! Whether you are a newbie, purist or straight up glutton, there is something for everyone. There are budget sushi cafés, all-you-can-eat restaurants, boutique and traditional sushi shops. Whether you prefer authentic nigiri or deep fried cream cheese tempura crunch rolls – there is a world of sushi out there! These are your best bets.
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