Keep warm in Toronto with these eggnog cocktails

Eggnog is a holiday classic in Canada and the United States. This dairy-based drink is made with sugar, cream and/or milk, whipped eggs and, often, bourbon, rum or brandy. If you're looking to elevate your eggnog experience this winter, order an eggnog cocktail at these Toronto spots.

Nuit Social

1168 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J5

This cozy spot is known for its stained-glass bar, offering a range of stunning dishes and drinks. Although Nuit Social offers dishes such as lamb shank, PEI mussels and smoked salmon, they're known for creating great cocktails. In 2014, one bartender created the Yule Flip. This take on classic eggnog is a cocktail made with Angostura 1919 rum, Justino's Madeira, Green Chartreuse, apricot liqueur, Tiki bitters, coconut water and, of course, eggnog. Topped with fresh nutmeg, this cocktail is both creative and festive.

Rhum Corner

926 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1W3

This well-loved spot is under the same roof as legendary Toronto restaurant The Black Hoof. Offering up Haitian cuisine, they serve dishes such as legumes and goat, cashew chicken and whole fried fish. In Haiti, the Christmas drink of choice is kremas, a boozed-up combination of evaporated milk, spices and rum. In true Black Hoof style, the rum is spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, peppercorn and allspice berries. It's then mixed with condensed milk, coconut cream, Fernet-Branca and dry Curacao.


577 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B2

This popular restaurant offers Italian-American classics, serving up spaghetti and meatballs, short ribs and house-cured salmon. They don't joke around with their cocktails, either, with each option containing 2 to 3 ounces of alcohol. Once the cooler days are officially here to stay, they offer an Apple Cider Eggnog. Made with apple cider, bourbon, a whole egg, sugar, ice and cinnamon, this cocktail offers just the right amount of sweet and spicy, and is sure to warm you up inside.

Jtky Restaurant Ltd

936 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G6

This local hotspot is known for its home-style food, brunch and cocktails. The interior is rustic and warm, making it the perfect place to sit down for a tasty cocktail. The Country General is inspired and supplied by Ontario farmers and offers unique and well-crafted cocktails, including an eggnog-inspired drink called the Kraken 'n' nog that can be made on request. In it, Kraken rum is mixed with milk, a whole egg, apple-cinnamon bitters, simple syrup, Boulard Calvados, and is finished with spices.


461 King W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

This loft-like lounge and restaurant offers Mediterranean dishes, as well as an impressive wine cellar. During the summer months, you can find a seat on the stunning cobblestone patio and enjoy a well-crafted cocktail. Brassaii offers a Spiked Eggnog around the holidays, mixing spiced rum with cream, egg, turbinado syrup and cinnamon as they celebrate the flavours associated with the season.

BiteBar Desserts

57 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 1H2

Known throughout the city for gourmet cupcakes, BiteBar also serves up cocktails. They offer a cupcake and cocktail menu, serving up a range of gorgeous martinis and fun drinks. Each cocktail is garnished with a delicious mini cupcake - it doesn't get much better than that. BiteBar also offers a Chocolate Eggnog Martini as a holiday staple, so don't miss out! Once you've finished your cocktail, be sure to take some treats to go. The holiday season is about indulging, after all.

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