Kitsilano breakfast joints that’ll kick-start your day

Close to the beach with a laid-back vibe, Kits has something for everyone at the morning meal. Whether you require a hearty start to fuel a big day or prefer quick and lighter fare for breakfast on the run, these neighbourhood spots will set your day off on the right track.

Cafe Zen On Yew

1631 Yew St, Vancouver, BC V6K 3E6

Café Zen on Yew is famous for its eggs Benedict, and rightly so since it’s always cooked to perfection and topped with a hollandaise sauce that can’t be beat. You can mix and match the flavours on the menu to customize your breakfast. The service at this neighbourhood spot is always fast and friendly and when you’ve got a big appetite but little time, it’s definitely the place to be.

Fable Kitchens Ltd

1944 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5

Using only top-quality ingredients, this up-scale restaurant makes some of the tastiest breakfasts in Vancouver. The dishes are mainly organic and you can taste the difference that freshness and quality make. The menu options range from various eggs Benedict options with olive oil hollandaise to classic steak and eggs with potatoes and rustic bread and berry bowls with açai. What’s more, everything’s served by a friendly wait staff in a fun and unpretentious atmosphere, so it’s a great spot to start your day.

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

2741 4th Avenue W, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P9

You’ll always have a delicious and memorable breakfast and brunch experience at this classic Canadian bistro. They offer more than just your classic fare like eggs, bacon and hash browns. The dishes on the menu are creative and expertly prepared, like their eggs Benny offerings, which are smothered in rich and creamy hollandaise sauces and served with your favourite breakfast beverages like perfectly roasted coffee.

The Naam Office

2724 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6K 1R1

This bustling vegetarian, full-service restaurant is Vancouver’s longest-running natural foods restaurant, tucked away in the heart of Kits. You’ll love the cozy and rustic atmosphere that includes wood panel flooring, unique wooden tables and eye-pleasing décor. When you come here for breakfast you get delicious vegetarian food at great prices. Everything is made in-house, like the flavourful Miso Benny and Huevos Rancheros. The eggs are free-range and the tasty Yukon Gold breakfast potatoes are grown in the Fraser Valley.

Yummy Sushi

1980 Pine St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3E2

Looking for delicious breakfast on the cheap? Look no further than Yummy Sushi. You wouldn’t expect this from a sushi joint but it serves a simple tasty breakfast at an incredibly affordable price. You’ll get huge helpings of eggs, toast, hash browns and bacon or sausage with a bottomless cup of coffee for under $5. This neighbourhood greasy spoon is a classic hole in the wall to tell your friends about (or keep to yourself).

Benny's Bagels

2505 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E9

Looking for a breakfast spot where you can study or work over a delicious breakfast? Benny’s Bagels guarantees both satisfying food and a serene atmosphere. In addition to the fresh bagels, breakfast sandwiches and eggs Benedict, the beautiful décor and friendly staff will make you feel at home and relaxed.

Regal Beagle

2283 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E4

Open seven days a week for all-day breakfast, the Regal Beagle isn’t just any old pub. It’s also a neighborhood favourite for breakfast fanatics. The extensive menu includes healthy classics like veggie burritos and parfaits, as well as more decadent ways to start your day like their famous Smoked Meat Hash Bowl made with chunks of Montreal smoked meat and aged white cheddar cubes topped with peppercorn sauce.

Siegel's Bagels

1883 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1C6

Every bagel-loving Vancouverite knows of Siegel’s thanks to its winning combination of friendly service and always-fresh bagels that are boiled then baked in a classic wood-burning oven. This is the perfect spot to get a breakfast bagel on the go. The selection is huge, and with flavours like rosemary rock salt and ancient grains, as well as classics like sesame and whole wheat, you’re guaranteed a high-carb blast that’ll start the day off right.

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

2095 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6J 1N3

Located in the heart of Kitsilano at 4th and Arbutus, Sophie’s Cosmic Café is the stomping grounds of Kits residents who love comfort food in a kitschy, family-style diner. The bright red padded booths are packed every morning thanks to the delicious breakfast menu which includes heaping portions of free-range eggs, sausages and tasty home fries. In the summer you can eat outside on the patio with a breakfast beer or Caesar.

Viva Fine Foods & Bakery Inc

1555 Yew St, Vancouver, BC V6K 3E5

You’ll go crazy for the baked goods at Viva Fine Foods and Bakery. This small neighbourhood business makes all its baked goods on-site and their treats — like scones and carrot zucchini muffins — make for perfect, grab-and-go breakfast options, as does the classic breakfast burrito. The specialty coffee at Viva is always a delight, so be sure to ask the barista to make you one of their amazing chai lattes to top off your visit.

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