Korean restaurants in Calgary: Barbecue and beyond

First-time Korean restaurant visitors usually order the barbecue beef. Saucy and succulent bulgogi is indeed a great place to start, but Korean cuisine is oh so much bigger than the sum of its grilled meats. The city’s restaurants serve a wholesome and crowd-pleasing array of non-barbecue dishes including dumpling soup (manduguk), sizzling stone-pot rice and veggies (dolsot bibimbap) and Korean seafood pancake (pajeon).

Bow Bulgogi House

3515 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0B7

A petite restaurant with a big following, Bow Bulgogi’s namesake dish is the main reason the place is often lined up out the door. Unlike many Korean restaurants that offer tabletop barbecues, the chef here grills the meat dishes for you. Go for marinated beef or pork, which are both served with mushrooms and lettuce wraps, or try the spicy chicken, squid or short ribs.

Insadong Barbeque Restaurant

132-920 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6L8

With a mile-long menu, Insadong Korean BBQ does traditional Korean dishes such as noodles in black bean sauce (jajangmeon), spicy rice cake stew (dukbokki) and bulgogi, it also serves contemporary entrees such as its lunchtime LA-style galbi (barbecue short rib) box, barbecue meat wraps and Korean-inflected Chinese dishes such as seafood noodles with egg.

Health Best Massage

405-1640 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0L6

Fondly referred to as KFC, Korean fried chicken is popular in the Old Country and making delicious inroads in Calgary. Olive Chicken features two Southwest locations. Its double-fried, extra-crispy chicken is served smothered in hot, sweet sauce or with sweet and savoury dips made with fruit, garlic and soy sauce. Eat-in and take-out combos are served with a drink, plus fries or rice and salad.

Korean Village Restaurant

1324 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J2

One of Calgary’s oldest Korean restaurants, Korean Village is easy to find, as it’s situated just south of the Calgary tower on 10th Avenue Southwest. Korean standards served with an array of complimentary side dishes (banchan) include transparent chapchae noodles with vegetables and pork, kimchi stew, spicy chicken as well as several grill-it-yourself tabletop barbecue dishes.

1815852 Alberta Ltd

24-240 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1N4

Just off Macleod Trail and Midlake Boulevard Southeast, Moon Korean BBQ serves an array of barbecue dishes, soups and hotpots. Evening barbecue entrees include beef bulgogi, pork ribs and soy chicken. The osam bulgogi with spicy pork, squid and veggies is highly recommended. Also try the pa jeon (seafood pancake) and beef dumpling appetizers as well as hot and cold bibimbap bowls (rice with veggies and red pepper sauce).

The quintessential Mexican meal, tacos are also a relatively scarce commodity in Calgary. However, we’ve done some digging and unearthed the select few restaurants that make truly marvelous versions of these hand-held snacks.
The city’s summer season features a delicious dance card of culinary festivals and events. Many, such as Stampede-time pancake breakfasts, are easy to access the day of, but the various tasting and tippling shindigs listed here can fill up quickly, so purchasing tickets sooner than later for these foodie festivities is recommended. Image credit: iStock.com/kasto80.
The city’s pathway system is one of the longest in North America. Given its lengthy stretches, the occasional rest and snack stop, though few and far between, are a welcome sight when walking, biking and inline skating. Here are a few restaurants, cafés and snack shacks located on or near our scenic cycling system. Image credit: iStock.com/mihailomilovanovic.
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