Lesser-known historic Edmonton museums

For history buffs and anyone interested in learning about the past, Edmonton is home to many museums, some you’ve probably never heard of. While we all know and love the Royal Alberta Museum, you may be pleasantly surprised by what these lesser-known museums in Edmonton have to offer. [Image credit: iStock.com/wwing]

Rutherford South Library

Edmonton, AB T6G 2J8

Tucked away on the lower level of Rutherford South Library at the U of A, the Bruce Peel Special Collections library is truly a treat for booklovers or for anyone with an appreciation of history, art and design. This collection contains rare and unusual books, some that defy the standard definition of a “book” with their intricate pop-up artwork that requires protective gloves to touch.

Alberta Aviation Museum

11410 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0X4

Located at the old City Centre Airport, the aviation museum is home to an impressive collection of more than 40 vintage airplanes. Get a feel for flying by trying out one of their flight simulators and learn more about Alberta’s aviation history and local pilots. There’s enough here to keep young kids interested and anyone with a love of planes and history will learn something new.

Alberta Pioneer Railway Association

24215 34 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 6B4

The Alberta Railway Museum shines as a hands-on, interactive experience that lets visitors climb aboard old trains and feel what it was like to work on the railway or be a passenger. Run by a group of passionate volunteers, the ARM is a north Edmonton gem. Stop by on the weekends for an old-fashioned train ride.

John Walter Museum

10661 91A Ave, Edmonton, AB

Open on weekends for most of the year, the John Walter Museum pays tribute to its namesake, a respected pioneer, by providing visitors with a touch of pioneering life. Check out John Walter’s home, play old-fashioned games and enjoy home-cooked food prepared on a wood-burning stove.

Edmonton Radial Railway Society

103 Street and 84 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E 2G9

Did you know that Edmonton has the largest collection of historic streetcars in Western Canada? With streetcars located in Fort Edmonton Park and the popular High Level route which runs from Gateway Boulevard to Jasper Avenue, the streetcar society also has a free museum located at the Strathcona Streetcar Barn. During your scenic commute over the High Level bridge, your conductor will fill you in on the history of the streetcar and the origins of the bridge.

Fort Edmonton Park

7000 143rd Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

Although I’ve visited Fort Edmonton many times, I’ve only recently discovered the Masonic Hall Museum on 1905 Street. It’s easy to miss, as it’s located on the second floor of a building, of which the first floor offers refreshments. The Masonic Hall is a replica of the original built in 1904. It houses many interesting freemasonry artifacts from Edmonton’s past. Check out the rest of Fort Edmonton while you’re there, an awesome example of a ‘living history museum.’

Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site

11153 Saskatchewan Dr NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2S1

As the former house of Alberta’s first premier, Alexander Rutherford, this restored brick mansion provides a glimpse of what life was like for an Commented [SB2]: Put in request July 28 Commented [S3]: The address of the museum isn’t clearly stated on their website or Google. influential politician during the early 1900s. A costumed interpreter will provide historical stories as you tour through the Edwardian home.

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