Feeling a little peckish during happy hour? Nothing in the world complements that glass of wine quite as well as a chic cheese selection! Explore the world of cheese within reach of home at these restaurants offering top-notch cheese boards.
Good margaritas are easy to find, but other lass-familiar Central and South American drinks are now getting the respect and admiration they deserve. Calgary foodies (and drinkies) are happily enjoying fine tequila and mescal selections at city bars and restaurants as well as sipping South American wines. These venues feature Latin-inspired drink selections. Salud!
Brown liquor is here to stay, with bourbon becoming a staple on drink lists and rye on its way into the spotlight. What was once considered your grandfather’s drink is now one of the most popular libations among both men and women. So when you want to reach for a sweet bourbon, smooth Scotch or a home-grown rye, here’s where to go in Calgary.
If you’re going to a Calgary Flames game or a concert at the Saddledome, and you want to grab a drink with your friends before or after the event, there are plenty of watering holes in the surrounding area. Whether you’re winding up or winding down, these venues are suitably spots for camaraderie and good cheer. Check venue hours for closing times.
Though BYOW hasn’t caught on in Calgary on the scale it has in other Canadian cities, many restaurants are open to uncorking vino supplied by patrons. Corkage fees are typical and range from modest to pricey, and low-to-no corkage nights are common. These eateries welcome outside wine at dinnertime.
Calgary’s red-hot food scene continues to surprise with upstart additions to its restaurant roster. These often fashionable and innovative eateries serve everything from belly-busting buttermilk waffles and richly rewarding pie to dreamy ’n’ steamy ramen and wood-fire-grilled tacos. Do yourself a flavourful favour and sample the fare at the following food stops asap.
A really good lounge not only serves decent drinks, but also exudes a little of that uptown accent that makes you forget the world for a while. These lovely lounges are elegant and relaxing getaway spots whether you’re sipping solo or in good company.
There’s something satisfying about biting into a big burger that can barely contain its massive patty and toppings, even when it happens to be meat-free. From goat cheese and pesto to fried eggs and aioli, the burgers listed here are bursting with just such adventurous ingredients. Some of the restaurants below, in fact, some of the best in town.
Hot dogs and sausages aren’t just for summertime grilling or easy kids’ meals. Plenty of meat-happy haunts around the city are dressing them up in new and delicious ways as well as simply refining the classics. Read on to get the skinny on our favourite franks.
Most pubs don’t offer patrons a lot in the way of activities — simply sip your drink, munch snacks and keep half an eye on whatever game is playing on the establishment’s TVs. The following watering holes add fun, excitement and even mental stimulation to the pub equation with games that you and your friends can enjoy while savouring those cold pints and chicken wings.
There’s just something about fireside dining that makes a meal special. They probably won’t let you roast any chestnuts in the fireplaces of these cozy Calgary restaurants and bars, but you can at least keep the winter chills at bay while enjoying an extra-comforting meal.
When you go out for a nice meal, you’re supposed to order wine with dinner, right? Think again – these Calgary restaurants are known for serving great food, but they’ve all got fine beer lists if you’re looking for a particularly good cold one to pair with your meal. [Image credit: iStock.com/Angelika Kagan]
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