These Calgary home scent and aromatherapy shops have all the fragrant products you need to ensure your home always smells great. Keep your home smelling fresh all day long with beautiful scents that fit your personality (or even your decor!).
When it's time to dress up, Calgary's costume shops don't disappoint. Whether it's for Halloween, a community fund-raising event, a birthday bash or an office team-building outings, a great costume will always add to the fun. Visit these Calgary costume boutiques next time you’re invited to a dress-up party.
A handful of established comic shops and independent bookstores offer an extensive selection of new comic book releases and back issues as well as presenting comic-themed events and artist meet-and-greets. Whether you’re a rookie comic enthusiast or a seasoned collector, here’s where to find graphic novels and comic books, memorabilia, collectibles and more. Image credit: Hunter.
Of course we should show our moms that we love them year-round, but Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spoil our favourite ladies a little bit extra. These shops carry a wide and unique selection of gifts that are worthy of your favourite mom. Image credit:
Calgary is an artistic city. It features its own art school (ACAD) and a great many art-supply shops provide creative inspiration as well as artistic tools. Whether you’re a painter of panoramas inspired by Calgary’s mountain and prairie surroundings, a portrait painter, potter or police sketch artist, you’ll find everything you need at these artful shops.
Whether for business or pleasure, fine writing implements and handsome stationery supplies make communication a pleasure. At these shops you’ll find the best in ballpoint and fountain pens as well as cards, notebooks, calendars and daytimers. Several spots also offer custom stationary and invite design and printing services as well as all the premium paper products to make these projects pretty.
For those of us who collect great reads, buying used books is a budget-friendly way to build a home library. Alternatively, most second-hand bookshops accept trade-ins for cash or credit. This list includes specialty used shops as well as shops offering textbook buybacks and second-hand stores that carry books. Image credit:
As a gift, floral arrangements are always appreciated whatever the occasion. Despite the limited local growing season, Calgary has many floral shops and it’s easy to find a shop that suits your needs and desires. This list features floral boutiques, meaning that they carry a curated flower selection.
You’d be surprised at the places where you can pick up a cute greeting card or stylish office supplies. From Harry Potter-esque gift shops to full-blown stationary chain stores, there are numerous locations to obtain paper products for every purpose. Chances are, you’ll leave some of these spots with much more than just the birthday card you were looking for.
Don’t leave your photos and artwork packed away. If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth framing and displaying in your home. Whether it’s a Picasso or your child’s first finger painting, these framing shops have the know-how to make it stand out.
It’s not tough to find gifts that incorporate green. Eco-friendly items may be ethically sourced, locally made, fashioned from organic materials or created without the use of harmful chemicals. Calgary is loaded with shops that either specialize in, or carry, eco-friendly merchandise. Here are a few such ethical, sustainable businesses. [Image credit:]
If you’re new to the Calgary knitting and sewing scene and curious about suppliers, this list is for you. When you’re looking for someone that knows their way around a magic loop or a blanket stitch, your latest project will be in good hands with these expert sewing outlets.
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