Regardless of whether you’re looking to treat or trick this year, Calgary has plenty going on during Halloween weekend for the 18-plus crowd. Here are 10 Halloween parties to check out this year if you want to celebrate with a night out on the town.
When it's time to dress up, Calgary's costume shops don't disappoint. Whether it's for Halloween, a community fund-raising event, a birthday bash or an office team-building outings, a great costume will always add to the fun. Visit these Calgary costume boutiques next time you’re invited to a dress-up party.
From confectionary classics to space-age sweets, Calgary’s candy shops feature a profusion of dentist-defying sugar snacks.
Ever get the feeling there’s someone — or something — in the room with you, even though you know you’re alone? Maybe you’re right. Maybe there is something in the room. If you’re on the lookout for some supernatural fun, give these famously haunted locales a visit.
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