The Caesar was invented in 1969 by bar manager Walter Chell as a signature cocktail for an Italian restaurant in the Calgary Inn, now The Westin Calgary. Any city bar worth its salt features this concoction of vodka, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce and spices with celery salt-and-peppered rim. Here are some great places to hit to quaff this quintessential Calgary cocktail. [Image credit: Patterson.
Warm and friendly, what is better than a great coffee house? A coffee house that is licensed to sell alcohol, that’s what! Here are some great Calgary coffee houses that stay open late and serve something a little stronger than caffeine throughout the evening.
A really good lounge not only serves decent drinks, but also exudes a little of that uptown accent that makes you forget the world for a while. These lovely lounges are elegant and relaxing getaway spots whether you’re sipping solo or in good company.
Most pubs don’t offer patrons a lot in the way of activities — simply sip your drink, munch snacks and keep half an eye on whatever game is playing on the establishment’s TVs. The following watering holes add fun, excitement and even mental stimulation to the pub equation with games that you and your friends can enjoy while savouring those cold pints and chicken wings.
Looking to enjoy a tipple on the down low? Prohibition-style speakeasies are all the rage in lounge culture these days, from secret backroom bars to cool lounges featuring ’20s-style cocktails. Not all of these bars are true secrets, but they all carry a bit of the speakeasy spirit. [Image credit:]
Summertime, and the living is easy… especially when you’re situated on a west-facing patio with a cool mojito in your hand. Traditionally, the classic mojito consists of only five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint, but the Calgary cocktail scene has never been one to keep to tradition. Here are some of Calgary’s best twists on this classic Cuban cocktail. Image credit:
Grabbing dinner and a drink after a long day at work is a luxury that’s so much easier to justify when you can hit a value-priced happy hour. Here are some of the best places in the city that feature early evening deals for the budget conscious. Now that’s something to be happy about! Image credit:
Brown liquor is here to stay, with bourbon becoming a staple on drink lists and rye on its way into the spotlight. What was once considered your grandfather’s drink is now one of the most popular libations among both men and women. So when you want to reach for a sweet bourbon, smooth Scotch or a home-grown rye, here’s where to go in Calgary.
The Beltline – that neighbourhood directly south of downtown that is essentially the “middle” of Calgary – is rife with eateries, shops and, of course, places to drink. If you’re looking for a spot to park yourself and enjoy a pint, these joints are great for having a drink in the heart of the city.
Typically scheduled in that late afternoon to early evening weekday window, happy hour is a great time to unwind after a long day at the office. Here are some perfect places to tip a post-work pint, maybe order an appetizer and chat about anything but work with your office colleagues.
However you spell it — "whiskey" (distilled in Scotland) or "whisky"(made in Ireland or Canada), it's always in style. The mystique of its misty highland origin exerts a strong hold in sippers of this peaty barley-based alcohol. Look beyond the best-known brands, and taste unique selections at these suitably comfortable sipping establishments.
Shaken, poured, muddled and mixed: Calgary has become a hot cocktail town. More and more restaurants are offering craft cocktails that pair perfectly with their food while cocktail bars are focusing on unique mixed drinks.
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