Irish pubs in Calgary are numerous as shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day. These particular pubs, however, distinguish themselves in this very green field.
Calgary’s ranch-country location makes all things cowboy (and cowgirl) a natural watering-hole motif. As such, two notable country-flavoured bars top this list, but the city does feature a few other notable themed drinking establishments.
As getaways go, an evening of bar hopping has it all. Socializing with friends while sampling new brews and the latest chicken wing flavours sounds like a vacation to me. And who knows? Hitting multiple venues increases your chance of meeting someone special along the way. When you plan your next pint-sipping mini-holiday, call at these ports of crawl.
Spring is a time for renewal. And it's only natural that the city's best cocktail spots launch their warm-weather drink menus with flair befitting this sunshiny season. Sip light and lovely selections at the following venues, which happen to serve the craftiest of beers and cocktails year round.
Typically scheduled in that late afternoon to early evening weekday window, happy hour is a great time to unwind after a long day at the office. Here are some perfect places to tip a post-work pint, maybe order an appetizer and chat about anything but work with your office colleagues.
However you spell it — "whiskey" (distilled in Scotland) or "whisky"(made in Ireland or Canada), it's always in style. The mystique of its misty highland origin exerts a strong hold in sippers of this peaty barley-based alcohol. Look beyond the best-known brands, and taste unique selections at these suitably comfortable sipping establishments.
Shaken, poured, muddled and mixed: Calgary has become a hot cocktail town. More and more restaurants are offering craft cocktails that pair perfectly with their food while cocktail bars are focusing on unique mixed drinks.
It’s been the proverbial hard day at the office. Or not. Maybe you’ve aced that important presentation. Either way, drinks are in order. These Calgary watering holes suit a spectrum of after-work drinks requirements whether you need a spot in which to celebrate success, blow off steam or simply take a quiet break.
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