Great when you need a meal that’s quick and casual, there’s no reason that a sandwich can’t also be a well-crafted work of culinary art. These Calgary establishments stack their sandwiches just right.
Easter egg hunts are a classic holiday tradition for many. Every year families celebrate Easter by going on the hunt for hidden colourful eggs.  This year, switch things up by going on a culinary Easter egg hunt in Calgary. Here are 9 of the city's most egg-cellent eats.
Whether it’s sunny or not, many Calgarians can’t resist the lure of an outdoor restaurant patio. The best feature great views, secluded locations or unique seating arrangements, but these seasonal seating areas may also feature their own special food and beverage menus. Here are a few top outdoor spots where you can enjoy exceptional open-air meals this summer. Image credit:
Calgary is a city that loves its pizza, but over the last half decade, the number of delicious and creative pizza joints here has exploded. Below are just a few of the best spots in town in which to enjoy premium pizza pies. Image credit:
In the past, salads were often labelled “diet food” and served as an afterthought on restaurant menus. For better or worse, restaurant salads are now often sizeable meals, and can sometimes contain more calories than a burger and fries! For those trying to eat healthier, salad bars can help take back some of that control – making your salad as green or as calorie-laden as you’d like. Image credit: iStock/MelanieMaya.
Game meats, such as venison, bison and elk, are gaining popularity, partly due to their unique taste, and the fact that they are generally leaner than farmed meats such as beef and pork. You don’t need to dress in camp or carry a gun to sample wild game – just head down to one of these local restaurants. Image credit:
Some restaurants are cavernous, giving patrons room to spread out and feel anonymous. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to get seriously cozy and settle into an intimate dining experience. These restaurants may be small on space, but they’re big on atmosphere. [Image credit: Vuckovic]
A wide variety of the national cuisines of Mexico and the countries of Central and South America can be enjoyed in Calgary. Serving dishes from tangy tacos to simply salted Brazilian steak and savoury Argentine-style pizza, diners will find a Latin American eatery to suit every taste. Here are a few to get you dreaming of locations (far, far) south of the border. [Image credit:]
Shawarma – a Middle Eastern dish consisting of roasted meat shaved off of a spit and usually served in a pita wrap sandwich or as part of a meal platter – has become a grab n’ go staple food in countries all over the world. These Calgary spots serve up some of the best shawarma in the city with all of the traditional accouterments as well as other favourite Middle Eastern dishes. [Image credit: Patterson]
The bento box – a Japanese lunch consisting of numerous food items placed into a box divided into compartments – is arguably the perfect lunch for anyone looking for variety and a (relatively) low price. These Calgary restaurants have mastered the art of the bento. [Image credit:]
You and your lunch mates never have to face traffic or the elements when you choose to dine at a restaurant on the Plus 15. As well, the downtown’s second-level, indoor walkway system will take you directly to a variety of eateries, such as those listed here, that are suitable for takeaway as well as sit-down casual meals with colleagues and business-lunches.
While international flourishes are the norm on the city’s casual-contemporary menus, new restaurants are specializing in global food and fusion mash-ups not previously available here. From African and Asian to European and South American, the flavours of world’s far-flung corners are yours for the feasting. This list features some of Calgary's top global-cuisine stops.
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