Find yourself jonesin’ for some gelato? These places sling some of the best (and most authentic) Italian ice cream in the city. [Image credit:]
Ice cream is an awesome treat year-round, so it’s lucky that Edmonton’s ice cream shops have enough variety to let you try a different flavour every day of the year. But as we all know, ice cream truly shines in summer, when the heat makes you crave an ice-cold treat. These ice cream shops serve decadent ice creams in creative flavours – and they’re made with fresh ingredients, too. [Image credit: iStock/RapidEye]
When the sun starts making daily appearances and the snow retreats (for now), it marks the beginning of iced coffee and iced tea season. Break out your shorts and tank tops and stroll on down to one of these fine establishments, all of which serve some of the most refreshing iced drinks in town.
Sometimes, the only thing that gets us through winter is the thought of patio season returning to Edmonton. We love to sit outside with a drink in our hand and the sun on our face. These patios are some of the best places in Edmonton to bask in the sweet glow of summertime.
Bubble tea’s popularity has spread from Taiwan to Canada, with the number of cafes where you can find this sweet treat, complete with tapioca pearls and jelly, expanding every year. Whether you prefer yours milky, slushy or made with real fruit juice, there is no shortage of delicious varieties and flavours in Edmonton.
A patio doesn’t have to be big to be great; it only needs good food, music, beer and company. Edmonton has a ton of awesome patios – ranging from big and small – to choose from to enjoy the beautiful weather this spring and summer. Take your pick! [Image credit:]
Summertime in Edmonton is one of my favourite parts of the year. There’s never a dull moment. Pretty much every weekend, there’s something to do, or something going on. And, of course, along with these festivals and events comes FOOD! Here is a list of my favourite festivals and events in Edmonton during the summer. [Image credit:]
Gelato is Italy’s frozen gift to mankind. It’s sweet, creamy and refreshing without being heavy. These Edmonton establishments serve up some of the best gelato in the city.
While the origins of sangria remain mysterious, and the exact ingredient list flexible, everyone can agree on one thing: It’s an absolutely exquisite drink that almost everyone enjoys. Whether you prefer red or white, with brandy or triple sec, berries or citrus fruit, there is delicious sangria out there for you to sip at a restaurant in Edmonton.
Summer just isn’t summer without a great drink in your hand and a view from a rooftop patio. Although Edmonton doesn’t have many well-known rooftop patios, these are some that are worth visiting. Be sure to grab the best seat in the house and soak in all these incredible views have to offer!
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