Whether you want to salvage damage done to your hair with a luxurious hair masque, or are simply looking to update your style with a fresh cut and colour, there are plenty of salons in Edmonton up to the task of making you look and feel your best. These downtown salons are the cream of the crop.
Whether your idea of a quick lunch is takeout or a sit-down meal with grease-lightning fast service, these spots deliver results every time. Not only are they delicious, they will also get you back to your office with time to spare.
Just because you’re about to sign a deal or need to talk logistics over lunch doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what’s on your plate. These Edmonton restaurants offer an ideal environment for doing business without sacrificing taste or pleasure - and, they're speedy, too. [Image credit: iStock.com/nicolebranan]
Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be an annoying experience, especially when you’re wearing a cool pair of frames by the hottest designers. Let these Edmonton opticians pair you up with a great pair of glasses.
What can be more fun than curling up on the couch with a great book and a drink? Edmonton’s book lovers have been frequenting these independent bookstores for years in search of their next page-turner.
If hooking up a caffeine IV drip isn’t an option, then these Edmonton coffee places are the best choices for perking up your morning. With beans roasted just right, syrups made in-house and a variety of non-dairy options, these spots will convert even the most hard-core tea drinker.
The best way to spend a cold winter day in Edmonton is to curl up by a roaring fire with a great book. Don’t have a title ready to pull down from your bookshelf? Drop by one of these fine purveyors of books.
Shopping for children’s clothing doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration as you drag your tired kids through a crowded mall looking for the right place. Let this list point you towards some great clothing stores for your mini-me.
Don’t let technical issues keep you from finishing your report. Laptop not booting properly? Computer not connecting to the Internet? Is your screen cracked? Call one of these computer repair centres and get back online. They take care of your hardware so you can get back to work.
Life can get mundane, so spice it up with some fun toys and gadgets that will make your everyday chores more exciting and interesting. Pick up something new at one of these Edmonton gadget stores, which carry everything from kitchen gadgets to electronics.
If it’s important to you to make a good first impression, an eye-catching hairstyle might make all the difference. You can rely on these Edmonton hair stylists to help get you noticed.
How many times have we walked past a child nervously fidgeting as they get their haircut? Let these stylists ease the tension as they expertly cut your child’s hair and bring a smile to their face at the same time.
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