Construction can’t stop these spots – they’re still open for business, despite the work on the 102 Avenue bridge downtown. Unfortunately, some of the other shops in the area have felt the strain that comes with a long past overdue construction project and have either closed or moved. Support these places in High Street to show them you want them to stick around for the long haul.
Make like Sheryl Crow and soak up the sun – just be sure to slather onsome sunscreen first. If you’re seeking a skin protector that’s natural,organic or environmentally friendly, look no further than these Edmonton shops.
There’s everyday makeup – neutral, subtle – and then there’s the look you spend an hour on before a party. The second look requires smoky eyes, big lashes, a bold lip or accented cheekbones. You’ll find everything you need to put your party face on at these Edmonton cosmetic boutiques.
Your purchasing decisions affect more than your own bank account — they can impact those who produced the goods in the first place. By choosing fair trade items, you’re supporting a system that promotes improved trading conditions for producers. Better wages, along with improved social and environmental standards, make that chocolate taste all the sweeter.
If you don’t live on a farm, the next best thing is trolling farmers’ markets for fresh produce, organic fruit and killer cinnamon buns. Despite its sometimes too-brief summers, Edmonton has great farmers’ markets, spread throughout the city and the surrounding areas. A visit to any of the spots on this list will never disappoint. [Image credit:]
If you want to stand out at every fabulous party you attend this year, you’ll need an army of shiny, shimmery, gorgeously luminescent beauty products at your disposal. These Edmonton beauty boutiques sell hair and makeup products that will keep you shining bright year-round.
A person’s scent says a lot about them – and garners attention. Perfumes, colognes, eau de toilettes, body oils, sprays and lotions all come in a wide rainbow of scents, and can be mixed and matched to create something unique. Whether you prefer a citrus, spicy, floral or woodsy scent, there are plenty of fragrance options to choose from at these stores.
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