Finding a kind of sake you like can take time and patience, as the types and brands vary greatly in taste. But that doesn’t mean you should take a pass on this popular Japanese drink. Instead, try the goods at one of these great restaurants offering sake – many of them offer sampler flights of sake, so you can sip and compare till you find a favourite.
Ever want to go out for some nice drinks, but want something a little more than just typical pub food? Then a gastropub might be for you. They focus around both food and drinks so you can get the best of both worlds!
While not everyone can handle their tequila, Latin liquors and cocktails are about more than just everyone’s favourite bar shot. There’s mezcal, caipirinhas, mojitos and margaritas available at these great Edmonton restaurants. They also serve top-shelf tequila, for those bold enough to take it on.
If you’re looking for a casual spot to enjoy a social libation or a cozy space to recharge with caffeine, look no further. These cafés are one-stop shops, because you should never have to choose between coffee and cocktails. I think we can all drink to that!
Whether you’re an avid wine collector with a cellar of vino you can’t wait to try, or simply can’t find your favourite red or white on the list at your go-to date night restaurant, Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW) is an ideal option for some wine lovers. These restaurants offer diners the chance to bring in their own bottle for a corkage fee.
There’s nothing like a good glass or two of wine at the end of a long day. Whether you pair your vino with a meal or enjoy a bottle with friends, these Edmonton restaurants serve up some of the best wines available in the city.
Whether you’re in the mood to dance the night away with 10 of your girlfriends or just want to gossip over a glass of vino with your bestie, there is a spot for it in Edmonton. These fun establishments are all great venues for a girls’ night on the town.
Whether it’s your anniversary or you just need a night out of the ordinary, date nights are key to keeping the romance alive. These Edmonton establishments will give you a date night to remember, with truly fantastic food and lovely atmospheres.
Whether you’re thirsty for a pint or craving a lovely glass of pinot noir, there are plenty of fantastic places for you to enjoy a drink or eight downtown. These spots range from higher-end establishments to discuss life with friends over a Bellini to places where you can dance your heart out while enjoying a mojito.
Mojitos may just be the most refreshing alcoholic drink on the planet. The combination of lime and mint is always delicious, and there are plenty of ways to personalize your mojito to your liking. These restaurants mix up mojitos that will trick you into believing you are in the tropics, at least until your glass is empty. [Image credit:]
A bit of this, a bit of that and, oh, definitely some of that one! Charcuterie is fun to order, especially for groups, and is great whether you’re looking for a snack or a light meal. These places offer some of the most elegant, tasty charcuterie in Edmonton.
Whether you prefer white or red vino, you can find collector-worthy wine at a handful of wine bars in Edmonton. We raise a glass to these fine establishments, where wine is treasured above all other beverages.
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