Linens may seem like a boring thing to purchase, but, if you search the right shops, you can find the most plush, decadent bath towels and pretty kitchen linens you’ll ever see. Having high quality bath towels is essential for a happy life and lovely kitchen linens – well, that just makes your kitchen all the more beautiful and fun.
It’s easy to be slightly obsessed with candles – they smell good, look pretty, give off a nice glow and come in handy during a power outage. Whether you’re just starting to build your collection or you’re simply running low on tea light candles, these shops offer some of the most beautifully packaged and best-smelling candles around.
While gifts may not equal love, it’s still fun to choose a gift for your significant other. Whether you go for the traditional chocolates and jewellery or branch out to books and DIY spa items, the right gift shows how well you know your partner and that you appreciate them. These Edmonton stores offer romantic gifts for men and women.
American Girl Dolls, Maplelea Girls, Jersey Girl Dolls, Our Generation Dolls … whatever name they go by, they all have one thing in common – they’re 18” dolls that kids can’t get enough of. These realistic-looking toys have grown in popularity, and it’s no surprise why: They promote imagination, teach kids about different cultures and periods of history, and offer accessories to play with, making for endless hours of fun.
Selecting a gift for someone can be a real challenge. Usually, as the gift-giver, either you have an obvious gift in mind, or no clue whatsoever. Buying for a teacher (or coach, instructor, bus driver, et cetera) can be particularly puzzling because, while you do know them, maybe you don’t know them well enough to know what they’d like or use in their daily lives. These shops have perfect gifts for those special teachers.
It’s getting down to holiday crunch time. If you’re considering a post-Hanukkah. last-minute Christmas or early New Year’s gift for that special guy in your life, this list can offer you a shred of hope. Focusing on Whyte Avenue from east to west, this list can lead you in the right direction to find that elusive gift for that hard-to-shop-for brother/dad/lover/uncle/neighbour/cousin-in-law-twice-removed.
Looking for the ideal Christmas present for your adventurous travel partner-in-crime, or your parents, who just won’t stop booking cruises? We’ve got you covered. These Edmonton shops sell fun, functional and fashionable travel accessories for every kind of trip.
If you don’t want your dog or cat to destroy your Christmas tree, you better make sure there are some gifts for Fido and Fluffy underneath the tree. Whether you call them your fur babies or not, picking out gifts for your pets can be a fun but challenging experience – it’s not like they can exactly send Santa a wish list! These Edmonton stores sell toys and treats for your family members covered in fur.
While I normally condemn giving gift cards as Christmas gifts, I do have one exception: It’s perfectly acceptable to give a gift card for a restaurant. That way, you’re treating a friend or family member to a lovely meal and experience, all in one. It’s a way of introducing them to your favourite restaurant or to a new spot that just opened that you know they’ve been dying to try.
In order for employees to be their most productive, they need the right tools to do their job. From big conglomerates to the mom-and-pop shops, there are a number of sources for office supplies in Edmonton. Whether you're after pens and paper for your home office or complex boardroom technology, you can head to these stores to stock up.
Getting gifts for guys is a gargantuan task - we’re not always upfront about what we want and often happy with pretty well anything. A blank slate can be intimidating. Good thing Edmonton has plenty of places to find perfect presents for dudes.
Are you new to Edmonton? You’ve likely already visited our humongous mall.  If you’re in need of retail therapy and are wondering where to find the best locally-owned shops, here’s an eclectic rundown of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing stores, as well as other fun shops to check out. [Image credit: Chernaev]
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