Every season can be patio season if you’ve got the right drink. So, sidle up to the bar and get ready to cut loose with these tropical-inspired beverages. Coconut cup not included.
Spring is fast approaching, and nothing goes better with fresh flowers and sun than a drink on a patio. Edmonton is well known for its eateries, but, this time, we want to celebrate libations. Here’s a countdown of the city’s top happy hour locations that you’re sure to leave with a smile on your face.
The craft beer revolution continues, and Edmonton is the perfect place for the craft connoisseur. Not only do these picks feature a near-endless choice when it comes to craft beer choice, but many serve up top-notch food to boot. Here are our picks for Edmonton's best spots to enjoy craft beer. [Image credit: iStock.com/bhofack2]
A purely Canadian cocktail, you won’t find a caesar outside the Great White North. Originating in Calgary in 1969, using tomato juice, vodka and pressed clams, the caesar was created for the opening of the Italian restaurant, Marco’s. The drink’s popularity spread like wildfire; Mott’s soon developed its clamato juice, which is now used in caesars by over 350 million Canadians. [Image credit:iStock.com/jrwasserman]
Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is a Mexican celebration often confused with Mexican Independence Day. The day honours Mexico’s unlikely triumph over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. While only really celebrated in Puebla, Mexico, Cinco de Mayo has become a North American fête of Mexican culture. Edmonton’s rich restaurant scene offers many places to go for the party. [Image credit: iStock.com/Robert Ingelhart]
A patio doesn’t have to be big to be great; it only needs good food, music, beer and company. Edmonton has a ton of awesome patios – ranging from big and small – to choose from to enjoy the beautiful weather this spring and summer. Take your pick! [Image credit: iStock.com/georgecosminmarin]
While not everyone can handle their tequila, Latin liquors and cocktails are about more than just everyone’s favourite bar shot. There’s mezcal, caipirinhas, mojitos and margaritas available at these great Edmonton restaurants. They also serve top-shelf tequila, for those bold enough to take it on.
Mojitos may just be the most refreshing alcoholic drink on the planet. The combination of lime and mint is always delicious, and there are plenty of ways to personalize your mojito to your liking. These restaurants mix up mojitos that will trick you into believing you are in the tropics, at least until your glass is empty. [Image credit: iStock.com/wmaster890]
Whether you prefer white or red vino, you can find collector-worthy wine at a handful of wine bars in Edmonton. We raise a glass to these fine establishments, where wine is treasured above all other beverages.
Margaritas are the ideal summer patio drink but they can in fact be enjoyed year-round. I’ve rung in New Year’s Eve with a marg or seven, and I’ve never thought it to be out of season. These tasty margaritas have a bit of a kick and a lot of creativity.
Whether you’re thirsty for a pint or craving a lovely glass of pinot noir, there are plenty of fantastic places for you to enjoy a drink or eight downtown. These spots range from higher-end establishments to discuss life with friends over a Bellini to places where you can dance your heart out while enjoying a mojito.
If you’re going to drink, go craft beer all the way! It’s often exotic (shout out, Holland!) or made locally, sometimes in a room right next to where you’re downing a pint. These Edmonton pubs pour some of the best craft beer around.
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