Taking care of your personal wellness means caring for your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Here are some local businesses that will help you prioritize your personal well-being and get you feeling healthier all-around.
I don’t know about you, but now that the Christmas season has come and gone, I am exhausted! From running errands, to buying gifts and looking after my little one, this mama could use a time out. When I need some alone time, here are my go to places to relax and refresh.
Threading, which originated in Asia, is all the rage in countries all over the world now. The technique, which involves using a looped thread to twist and yank a row of hairs from the follicle, is popular for the precise results it offers. Plus, threading works really well on people with sensitive skin, such as those on Retin A or Accutane. These Edmonton spas offer threading for eyebrows and more.
Looking to take a load off? Splurge on a spa day at an Edmonton day spa.
Masters of hair! These places can tame even the wildest of locks. From cuts, and styling to products you need for home, I’ve got you and your family covered with these recommendations for hair salons in Edmonton.
While some may view facials as a luxury, others see them as a necessity. Facials can help balance your skin and work to fight acne, aging and dryness. Basically, what they achieve is necessary but the process is pure decadence. These Edmonton spas offer some of the most unique facials in the city.
Whether you want to salvage damage done to your hair with a luxurious hair masque, or are simply looking to update your style with a fresh cut and colour, there are plenty of salons in Edmonton up to the task of making you look and feel your best. These downtown salons are the cream of the crop.
Whether it’s to deal with wear and tear, or cleaning up the after-effects of a Halloween candy binge (jujubes are the devil!), your family’s teeth need regular servicing. The dentist can monitor, and alleviate, any problems caused by sticky toffee stuck where floss can’t quite reach. These dental clinics cater to families, so you can book an appointment for yourself too, if you indulge in your kid’s Tootsie Roll stash.
Beauty salons should look and feel luxurious. You want a relaxing, comfortable experience where issues of time and cleanliness don’t even come to mind. These beauty salons are just the place for this kind of experience, whether it’s a new ‘do, a facial, a mani-pedi – or all of the above.
The only thing better than getting a relaxing massage after a tough week of work is to share the experience with a friend or loved one. These spas offer some of the most tranquil and decadent couples massage packages in the city.
When you’re in desperate need of a new hairdo – whether that means a cut, colour, chemical treatment or a combination of all three – there are plenty of fabulous salons on the south side of Edmonton. Most cater to both genders and all of them have a team of talented stylists.
Like it or not, waxing is a regular part of personal maintenance. And, while a Brazilian may not have the same self-indulging charm of a mani-pedi, it doesn't have to be a feared experience either. After all, priming should make us feel our best. These local skincare boutiques and businesses will help strip away the painful stereotype.
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