College and university students rejoice: Reading Week will soon be here. If you’re not jetting off to a sunny destination, fear not: You can have a great time at home and enjoy all the fun stuff you don’t normally have time to do. These indoor activities can be done anytime, regardless of whether the weather gods are cruel or kind this month.
Post-Christmas time leaves me feeling a tad blue and plenty broke. It’s a hard combo to handle. A key to beating those blues is getting out of the house, but it’s hard when you are trying to save money. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite inexpensive activities to get you out of the house without going into debt.
This year, Family Day takes place Monday, February 15, 2016. This annual holiday is a special day to embrace time with your family. Make the most of it (and the whole long weekend!) by participating in these fun, action-packed adventures fit for families.
Life in our northern town means we can play in ice and snow all winter long. Explore an ice castle, stroll through an ice sculpture garden, slide a zippy ice slide and skate on a trail through the snowy woods. Here are all of the best ways to be cool as ice in Edmonton right now.
If your weekend usually means more texts from your friends asking at which bar you’re planning on sitting around and drinking, maybe it’s time to switch it up. There are plenty of places around town to bond with your buds while keeping your heart rate up.
So, you want a night out on the town with your favourite guy or gal, but you’re feeling the pinch. There are still plenty of fun things to do besides the standard (not to mention, costly) dinner and a movie. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new with these cheap date nights – all ringing in at around $20 or less.
A few hours of meditation might be just what you need to refocus and re-energize so you can tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Check out these options for meditating in a group setting in Edmonton.
It’s never too late to tap into your inner creativity and brush up on your art skills. Vincent van Gogh’s most famous pieces were painted a few years prior to his death. Edmonton has a vibrant arts scene for a city of its size and offers classes on everything from fine art, crafts and glass blowing to name a few. [Image credit:]
If you need the perfect picture of joy, look no further than a dog in a park on a beautiful day – eyes lit up, tongue hanging out, tail keeping inconsistent time. Fortunately for your pup, Edmonton has acres of awesome park spaces.
The Edmonton area is full of aspiring writers and avid readers, but in sucha large city, people many find it hard to connect with each other. Here’s just some of the ways scribblers and book worms can find each other. [Image credit:]
Getting in shape is more fun if you have a partner to share the pain and sweat. If hitting the gym just isn’t your thing, here are a few ideas on fun classes to take together, or places to drop-in to get fit, in and around Edmonton. [Image credit:]
 Have you found yourself with your guy deciding where to order take-out from, both of you already accepting that you will be spending the night binge-watching Netflix? Do you want to plan something special for him? You may be surprised to know there are many man-friendly activities in the city that will appeal to him while still creating a great environment for the two of you to bond. [Image credit:]
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