Life in our northern town means we can play in ice and snow all winter long. Explore an ice castle, stroll through an ice sculpture garden, slide a zippy ice slide and skate on a trail through the snowy woods. Here are all of the best ways to be cool as ice in Edmonton right now.
When the weather outside isn’t cooperating but your kids have too much energy to stay cooped up inside the house, the ideal solution can be an indoor entertainment space.Children get to play with new toys, have adventures and meet new friends, while adults sip on coffee and treats, never far away from the action. These indoor play areas offer something for everyone. [Image credit:]
This year, Family Day takes place Monday, February 15, 2016. This annual holiday is a special day to embrace time with your family. Make the most of it (and the whole long weekend!) by participating in these fun, action-packed adventures fit for families.
Since it’s cooled down outside, I’m finding myself going a little stir crazy with a busy toddler running around. My daughter has lots of energy to burn, and our house is not always the place to do it. I searched out some local spots for us to visit and keep us both happy.
The holidays are a wonderful time to try new activities or to explore your community for Christmas-themed outings that only happen at this special time of year. These activities in Edmonton are appropriate for both kids and adults, and will leave you full of holiday cheer.
If your weekend usually means more texts from your friends asking at which bar you’re planning on sitting around and drinking, maybe it’s time to switch it up. There are plenty of places around town to bond with your buds while keeping your heart rate up.
Travelling can be a grand ol’ time but it can also be a pain, especially if it’s cold outside. You need to bring so much stuff with you that just the act of packing can be exhausting. These Edmonton stores sell travel accessories that will make your next winter trip much smoother.
If Old Man Winter has got you feeling down, take solace in the fact that there is tons of fun stuff to do inside and outside. These Edmonton attractions and winter festivals will immediately perk you up.
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