It’s a great time to be a food lover in Nova Scotia. The city’s talented chefs have taken dining here to a whole new level, seeking out local ingredients and using them in innovative ways. Local wine is also enjoying an upswing in popularity, with ever more wineries and surprisingly sophisticated wines. Enjoy Nova Scotia wines at the following restaurants.
Atlantic Canada is one of the world's great oyster-producing regions, but sadly, oyster bars are not (yet) a major part of the Halifax culinary scene. A handful of establishments are doing their best to establish that tradition here, from bars to oyster-friendly licensed restaurants. Here are some notable bars to get your fill of these briney treats.
The difference between seafood in Halifax and seafood in other places is quite obvious: You're eating something that was often caught 10 minutes before. Being surrounded by the ocean has its advantages! Halifax has it going on with seafood – whether you're looking for a refined lobster bisque or down-home fish and chips. Go fish.
While dining has been trending towards casual in the last few years, there are those who still like a fine-dining establishment. Thankfully, Halifax still has plenty of restaurants where the service and the atmosphere are relaxed and elegant. But the options also abound for those who don't need white table cloths but still want their food top-notch. Whatever you’re looking for, Halifax has your fine-dining needs covered.
Whether you’re craving a glass of Cabernet or Pinot Grigio, you always have choice in Halifax. Would you prefer a dark basement wine cellar, a breezy seaside patio, or a warm and cozy fireplace nook? And although we're not exactly a wine-making hotspot, there a few regional gems that hit it out of the park every time. If you like bubbles, keep an eye out for Nova 7, which is so popular it’s almost impossible to keep in stock.
For a city with a culinary heritage of boiled fish and potatoes, Halifax is crazy about sushi! Whether you are a newbie, purist or straight up glutton, there is something for everyone. There are budget sushi cafés, all-you-can-eat restaurants, boutique and traditional sushi shops. Whether you prefer authentic nigiri or deep fried cream cheese tempura crunch rolls – there is a world of sushi out there! These are your best bets.
Whether it’s your first date, or your 21st, it’s nice to go some place a little different, and maybe completely new to celebrate your time together. If you’re new to the city, start at the top and work your way through 10 dates. If you’re a seasoned Haligonian, pick your favourite, get dressed up and head out on date night. In a city surrounded by the ocean and known for it’s craft beer, you can’t go wrong!
For a small city, Halifax has a surprisingly extensive Italian selection. Whether you want just pizza, something a little fancier, or a place to go with the family, there’s definitely something to meet your needs here in the city. Buon appetito!
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