With Halifax located along the Atlantic Ocean, many people assume the city specializes in seafood. However, Halifax's steak scene is surprisingly diverse, drawing inspiration from culinary traditions from around the world, including American, Canadian, Japanese and Australian cuts and dishes. Whether you like yours bloody or dead, take your meat craving to these steakhouses.
When you find yourself in the middle of a thriving pub culture such as Halifax’s, it's important to know chicken wing destinations that will offer you and your friends wings of the highest calibre. Thankfully, the eateries of Halifax provide you with a superb array of delicious options, ranging from sports pubs to fine dining rooms.
Donairs, which are either Turkish or Greek in origin, are a firmly established part of Halifax's culture, and they offer a convenient and filling meal or late-night snack. They're often filled with vertical rotisserie-cooked meat and served in a flatbread, accompanied by fresh vegetables and sauce. Here are the top spots to fulfill your donair cravings.
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