It’s time to warm up for a good cause! Few things could be more enjoyable than participating in La grande tournée du chocolat chaud. Chocolatiers and pastry chefs welcome you from January 16-24, 2016, with a very special range of Valrhona hot chocolates, sold for $3 a cup. From this amount, 50 cents will go to la Tablée des chefs, whose mission is to provide food to people in need and provide culinary education to youth.
This 16th century village is today the name of a popular Montreal neighbourhood that is home to an increasingly diverse population. With this diversity comes a welcome increase in the quantity of high quality restaurants and cafés. The next time you are in the area, visit one of these great places to enjoy a nice, hot beverage and have something to eat.
A great café needs to have a welcoming atmosphere, good food, decadent treats and, of course, fantastic coffee. These Westmount cafés have all of these in spades. Whether you're running errands on Victoria Avenue or shopping on Greene Avenue, there's a perfect café waiting for you. [Image credit:]
The croissant is a staple in kitchens all across Quebec, from Montreal to Îles-de-la-Madeleine. So it's only fitting that this perfect pastry would get its very own festival. On April 30, 2016, 75 artisanal pastry chefs are joining forces for the fifth annual Croissant Festival, where croissants of all kinds will be on offer for only $1. Here's where to go to get your fill of flaky, buttery goodness.
The Gay Village, just east of downtown, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for locals and visitors to Montreal. Nestled in amongst the many restaurant and bars are a growing number of cafes serving up great coffee and snacks ranging from baked goods to soups and heftier savoury meals. Here are a few that are well worth a visit.
With warm weather in short supply around here, Montrealers are anxious to fill their days with every summer activity possible – including cooling off with an iced coffee. Here are the best spots to get your next cold caffeine fix. [Image credit: jovanovic]
From 21 to 29 January 2017, la Tablée des chefs – an organisation whose mission is to provide food to people in need and educate young people in the culinary arts – and Valrhona are teaming up to bring you the Grande tournée du chocolat chaud. Try delectable hot chocolates for $4 each, with 50 cents from each purchase being donated to la Tablée. Here are a few of the Montreal establishments taking part! [Photo: Donat Boivin]
As the author of the Christelle is Flabbergasting blog, Christelle knows a thing or two about good cafés and restaurants in Montreal. She's lending her aficionada status here to share some of her go-to places for a good cup of coffee in the Plateau and Mile End. She even reveals a well-kept secret! That is, until now.
Montrealers love a good slice of pie. It makes us feel right at home. Want a taste without the hassle of baking it yourself? Pay a visit to one of these hotspots for the best pies in Montreal.
Montreal is a beautiful place to get your coffee fix. Freshly brewed espresso is always right around the corner in this city of coffee connoisseurs, where crema and microfoam are taken seriously by friendly baristas. Depending on your mood you can check out a charming Parisian-style café or one of the many hipster espresso bars. Don’t forget to order a croissant with your café au lait. [Image credit: K. Kondoros]
Craving a sweet treat? You could attempt to wait it out, but why would you, when there are so many bakeries offering buttery, flaky, sweet goodness in Montreal? Treat yourself to something special at one of these excellent Montreal bakeries.
If you’re like most people, you need your daily caffeine fix. But when it’s sweltering outside, a piping hot cup of coffee starts to lose its appeal. Enter the perfect solution: iced coffee! To cool off on a hot summer day, get your chilled caffeine from one of these fine Montreal cafés.
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