At first glance, breakfast and business may not seem like a good match, but the combination actually has a lot going for it. Starting the day energized and with a clear mind, you should be primed for shrewd analysis and good deal-making. Many Montreal restaurants serve breakfast and can host your morning meeting. Here’s a list of our picks to get your day off to a great start on both the breakfast and business fronts.
Instead of holding a business meeting over lunch, when you may be weighed down by the events of the morning, distracted by buzzing telephones and email inboxes, why not meet for breakfast, when you will be well-rested, fresh and alert? Many Montreal hotel restaurants serve breakfast and can host your morning meeting.
Montreal offers a wide variety of brunch options, and the breakfast sandwich has been increasingly popular at restaurants throughout the city. This should come as no surprise as it’s the culmination of two great things: sandwiches and breakfast. We've picked our favourites for you.
A great breakfast is the perfect way to get your day started right. If you're in the South-West, be sure to check out these outstanding breakfast joints to kickstart your day.
In Montreal, we take our brunch seriously. On weekends, rain or shine, you’ll often see crowds standing in line waiting for a seat at one of the many popular breakfast joints in town. If you’re counting your pennies, but still want to enjoy a good serving of breakfast, these brunch restaurants are for you.
Breakfast is a Montrealer’s favourite meal of the day. Who can resist the classic bacon, egg and sausage combo, while sipping on glorious coffee — it really sets the mood for the entire day. Here are our top picks for the best breakfast joints in Montreal.
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