In Montreal, the sandwich is an art form, though perhaps it's more accurate to call it a mad science. There's the wild grilled-cheese fusions offered by artisanal food truck vendors as well as quiet cafés tucked away in Old Montreal. Seafood-themed sandwiches are also popular among traditional restaurants and cafés that are eclectic in both their menus and decor. [Image credit:]
Famous for its poutine and smoked meat, Montreal also boasts a number of standout bánh mì joints. Bánh mì literally translates to "all kinds of bread," though it has come to mean simply a Vietnamese sandwich. This alternative to fast food offers a sensory experience that accesses all the areas of the palate – salty, sweet, tangy and spicy. [Image credit:]
There are a number of absolute truths in this world. One is that the earth is round, and another is that Montrealers love Portuguese chicken. This guide won't tell you all about the roundness of the earth, but it will reveal the flavourful and delicious options for marinated grilled Portuguese chicken in Montreal. [Image credit:]
Montreal is home to great cuisine and restaurants. Vegan establishments can be found in various trendy areas, and there are plenty of options for those who don't eat meat or animal products of any kind. If you're looking for vegan eateries, sample some of these restaurants as you explore the city. [Image credit:]
As more people turn to vegan lifestyles, whether for health or for ethical reasons, restaurateurs in Montreal are rising to the challenge, and wonderful vegan restaurants are popping up around the city. From fancy sit-down diners to fast food, there's something for every food lover, vegan or not. [Image credit:]
Weekend or Spring Break! What better opportunity to get to Space for Life than when the kids are on holidays and have them discover the Biodome, the Botanical Garden, the Insectarium and the Planetarium? You could even finish the day with a cheeky film at Starcité. But at some point the sprogs are going to get hungry. Thankfully, there are more restaurants around the Olympic Stadium than you’d think. [Image: iStock]
Often under construction, Montreal is a city where orange cones are king. Motorists aren’t the only ones who suffer – on Saint-Denis St., between Duluth and Marie-Anne, merchants worry customers will avoid the area due to major construction planned throughout the year. We are very happy to offer you this list of restaurants to remind you that no matter how disruptive construction may be, they are always open. Support them!
Montreal is overflowing with restaurants from around the planet and it is a real pleasure to explore new foods and new flavours. Those who have chosen not to consume meat – diligently, or not so diligently – can easily enjoy a good meal with accents from around the world! Here are a few of them.
Looking for a good sandwich to satisfy your hunger? Let the famous Bob le Chef advise you! Here are the places where he goes to when it comes time to find a sandwich that will fill him up with great flavours.
The Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood is constantly changing, which means there are, among other things, always some exciting new dining options to explore. The neighbourhood’s main artery, the Promenade Ontario is always buzzing – and with these dining options, worth a visit for lunch alone. Whether you live there or you are passing through, here are some of the great places to enjoy lunch on and around Promenade Ontario.
Have you resolved to eat better in the New Year? Here are some great places to enjoy a light meal and to recharge your batteries after the holidays!
In recent years, Wellington Street has emerged to become one of the main arteries of the city of Montreal. Very popular with South-West residents, the area’s many unique, gourmet restaurants also attract Montrealers from around the island. Here are some great places for those looking for a table within 10 minutes’ walk of the metro station De L'Église. [Image credit: Kapas]
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