Picking a hair stylist or colourist is a big decision. Just ask anyone who’s ever had a bad hairdo! Save yourself the trial and error of trying unknown salons and give these hair professionals a try. Montrealers all over the island are loyal to them – and for good reason. [Image credit: iStockphoto.com/ArtisticCaptures]
Whether you want to make it a romantic experience, or you plan to share it with a friend or relative, a massage for two can be the most relaxing experience you’ve ever had. Here are some of the city’s best couples spa packages to choose from.
Looking to spice things up and ditch your usual dinner and movie plans this year? Here are some of the most unique and entertaining ways to celebrate Valentine’s in this fine city.
Looking for the ultimate in nail art? Here are some of the best nail salons in the city for anyone lusting after a Hollywood-worthy manicure.
In a world where a fast-paced lifestyle is the only lifestyle, a day at the spa is becoming more and more of a necessity – at least every once in a while. Indulge in the city’s finest pampering services at one of these utterly amazing day spas – an experience no local should miss out on!
Gentlemen, it’s time to up your game with some proper care for your hair. Whether you’re grooming your immaculate beard or looking for a new ‘do, these Montreal barbershops have got some seriously skilled stylists. Walk in scruffy, walk out with a look that will turn heads. [Image credit: iStockphoto.com/guruXOOX]
Exercise doesn’t always need to involve high-impact activities and screaming muscles pushed to the limit. Shape up with motions that will tone both the body and the soul at one of these yoga or Pilates studios around town.
Exercise is an important part of being healthy, both for men and women. To boost results, gyms across the city offer women-only workouts with exercises specifically designed with the female body in mind. Ladies, if you’re looking for a female-friendly fitness environment, check out these gyms in Montreal.
Montreal offers a variety of day spas with many services and treatments. If your job is driving you crazy, or you just need to get away, enjoy some relaxation at one of these Montreal spas.
Caution: the contents of this list are very hot. There are many benefits to the regular practice of hot yoga; for one, your muscles loosen quicker, allowing you to go deeper into the poses with every breath. If you love the heat, check you these hot yoga studios in Montreal.
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