Looking to spice things up and ditch your usual dinner and movie plans this year? Here are some of the most unique and entertaining ways to celebrate Valentine’s in this fine city.
Bummed you won’t be heading to a beach down south for Spring Break? Well, don’t worry. There is actually loads of fun to be had right here it Montreal – even if you’re on a tight budget. Here are some great ways to enjoy Spring Break in (or close to) the city. [Image credit: iStock]
We may be saying goodbye to those blissful summer nights, but all is not lost. There are still tons of things to do in Montreal before the falling leaves turn to falling snow. Here are some of the coolest activities to occupy your time this fall.
It's no secret that Montreal is very much a tennis town. This becomes even more evident every summer when the Rogers Cup tournament brings the world's best players to town for some seriously high-level matches. As the action heats up, why not try your hand at some baseline bombs or deft serve-and-volley play at these cool indoor tennis courts?
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