The vegan wave is turning into a tsunami: new vegan establishments pop up on a regular basis, and inventive chefs make our heads turn with original recipes and inventive taste combinations. The era of making-do with a few blocks of tofu is long past, and Ottawa is right there in the game. Immerse yourself in its enviable vegan scene.
French cuisine is some of the most delicious out there. Who hasn't craved a sinus-clearing steak au poivre or some tartare with a fresh egg on top? When in Ottawa, there’s no need to resist the urge. From the casual to the elegantly formal, the city has no shortage of French restaurants. Bon appetit!
You've got your favourite wine and your favourite dish, and wouldn't it be nice if you could pair them? In Ottawa, you can do that. Since Ontario made bring-your-own-wine legal a little over a decade ago, it has become an option at many worthy establishments here. Go out and add your own wine to the wine-and-dine scene in the city on the canal.
Take the kids to dinner at one or all of these restaurants and feast on all the macaroni and cheese you can handle. These restaurants create mac and cheese dishes so delicious that even adults will enjoy them.
Frothy bubbles, elegant flutes, that one-of-a-kind tingle – nothing says “special occasion” quite like a glass of champagne or sparkling wine. Whether you’re looking to celebrate an engagement, an anniversary, a promotion or simply the weekend, here are some excellent places to clink your glasses.
Hotel bars aren’t a mere convenience for hotel guests. Some of Ottawa’s best are grandly sumptuous: perfect venues for a milestone occasion. Other bars are stylish and sleek, ideal for a dress-up date night. There are those where friends meet after work, and a couple that are perfect for the T-shirt-jeans-and-bottle-of-beer set. One thing our favourite hotel bars have in common, though, is decent drinks and nibbles.
Whether it’s the Spanish with tapas, the Greeks with meze, the Italians with cichèti or the Indians with thali, it’s clear Canadians aren’t the only ones with a big appetite for small plates. Sometimes you’re just not that hungry, or are indecisive, or want to share. At times like these, you’ll thank the food gods for these small-plate gems.
The city’s Chinese restaurants offer dine-in and takeout options for those looking to enjoy authentic sweet or spicy dishes like dim sum and noodles. Choices seem boundless, though there’s comfort in the old saying that the older the civilization, the better the food. In this round-up of top Chinese eateries in Ottawa, only some deliver to your home but all deliver goodness.
Ottawans are crazy about their burgers, and the city's burger chefs have risen to the challenge, creating a fantastic array of can't-miss burgers for you to try. These great burger joints in Ottawa showcase the best in fresh, local beef.
Dining out should be fun. Grab some friends and head out for a culinary adventure at these Ottawa restaurants where dishes are served up family-style. Food was made for sharing.
Thai cuisine is all about elaborately balancing many flavours and aromas to create dishes that truly stimulate your taste buds. Sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty hints are often present all in one meal. Go for the classic pad Thai or discover new exotic Thai dishes at these restaurants.
India is one of the most diverse countries on the planet and its cuisine is reflective of the geographic and cultural diversity of its many regions. Using endless combinations of spices, herbs, vegetables, meats and cooking techniques, these restaurants will spice up your life and satisfy your senses.
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