Frothy bubbles, elegant flutes, that one-of-a-kind tingle – nothing says “special occasion” quite like a glass of champagne or sparkling wine. Whether you’re looking to celebrate an engagement, an anniversary, a promotion or simply the weekend, here are some excellent places to clink your glasses.
Wine bars are great for a quiet, uncomplicated drink. But the good ones also allow patrons to explore Mother Earth’s greatest gift to humankind, glass by glass. So, if you’re like me, barely able to distinguish Muscadet from Merlot or Burgundy from bilge water, head to these capital area wine bars for an affordable and palate-pleasing time. If you’re already a connoisseur? No bilge water at any of ’em. Guaranteed!
Why settle for a candy bar from the office vending machine when you can revel in chocolate fondue, hand-made truffles or chocolate-covered pretzels? If cocoa is your pick-me-up of choice, pay a visit to one of these chocolatiers or cafés and treat yourself to something truly special.
Whether it’s your very first date or your first night out in ages sans kids, you’re probably looking for a restaurant with cozy nooks and intimate lighting. A cool soundtrack you don’t have to shout over is a bonus, and the menu should feel as special as the evening. These romantic date-night restaurants in Ottawa deliver the goods.
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