Nachos may have been invented in Mexico, but they are enthusiastically embraced in Quebec City. Locals can't get enough! Whether you share them with a friend or keep them all to yourself, you can satisfy a case of the munchies with the delicious nachos available at these great city spots.
Do you dream of eating in one of the most popular restaurants in Quebec City without paying a fortune? Well, here's the solution: visit these restaurants at lunchtime! Here is what the best restaurants in Quebec are offering for your midday meal.
There are times in your life when you get an inconsolable craving for a grilled cheese sandwich. And why not? When you live in a city that is known for amazing cheese, you'll be able to find a good sandwich anywhere. With the gooey goodness of fresh cheese, these restaurants know how to quell your craving.
Tired of the same old same old? Switch it up a little and go on the hunt for a fabulous hot dog. This American street food is no longer just for ball parks and barbecues. Throughout Quebec City you'll find everything from the most basic steamed dog to gourmet hot dogs you never would have imagined.
If you need a bite to eat before heading home after a night on the town, there are plenty of restaurants from which to choose in Quebec City. Whether you're seeking a light snack or a full meal, the ideal establishment awaits in this city. Check out this handy list to find the place that suits you best.
Whether you have celiac disease or a sensitivity, it can sometimes feel like gluten is everywhere and very difficult to avoid. Fortunately, more and more restaurants offer gluten-free options that are far from dull; here is a rewarding selection of them.
Where do you go when you don't feel like cooking or are short on time, and don't feel like eating greasy, salty fast food? We've got your answer! Here's where to pick up savoury and healthy snacks at good prices.
In Quebec, our ultimate fast food is poutine. Although it’s unclear whether it was created in Drummondville, Warwick or Princeville, what we do know is that each town and city in Quebec has its own set of gourmet spots for eating the best poutine! Here are the best places to taste this delicious dish in Quebec City.
Whether we like to enjoy it from time to time or while following a diet, vegetarian cuisine, which has become more and more fashionable, is making its way onto the menu of a significant number of Quebec City restaurants. Here are a few of them that stand out.
Pizza is a fun dish to eat as a family, though it can be challenging to settle on toppings both adults and kids can agree on. Find a variety of tempting pies at these Quebec City pizzerias.
When you're hungry for a burger but want something out of the ordinary, it can be difficult to find places where the most original sandwiches are served. Look no further: this list was made for you. Here are the most original burgers served in Quebec City!
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