Becoming a parent is often synonymous with "brunching often." When you have kids, it’s just that much easier to go out for lunch than for a three-hour dinner! Here are are a few places where the brats are welcome, without skimping on quality or ambiance for mum and dad.
Starting at 10 am, Quebec City is full of good restaurants where you can go for Sunday brunch. While many of these restaurants do not offer breakfast during the week, they offer a kickin’ brunch come Sunday. Whether as a family, a couple or with friends, here are some great ideas that will be real treats for your taste buds.
A universal sign that you are on holiday: you have the time to eat breakfast quietly and thoroughly. Vive le brunch! Although you can satisfy your appetite at numerous establishments in Quebec City, I offer you my favourite restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent brunch on weekends.
To take full advantage of the relaxing hours that weekends offer us, nothing beats an out-of-the-ordinary brunch. With carefully presented dishes and a menu that is sometimes refined, breakfast is about dressing nicely while enjoying a relaxed attitude.
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