If you’ve ever known someone with a nut allergy, you know it’s no joke. Many treats that the rest of us take for granted are just not on the table for these folks. Enter the nut-free bakery! Here’s where you can find delicious treats in Toronto that are safe for your kids to take to school.
If you've ever looked closely around Toronto, chances are you've noticed we like our doughnuts. Whether they’re pre-made at a chain that sells at gas stations or handmade by a local patisserie chef, those deep fried, sugary balls of dough have captured our taste buds. Look no further than this list for some of the best high-end doughnuts in the city.
Cupcakes are an affordable indulgence that sweet-toothed Torontonians just can’t seem to get enough of. These whimsical confections are an ideal single-serving treat to enjoy alone or pick up en masse for a party. Here are a few local dessert shops where the cupcakes truly take the cake.
When it comes to Toronto’s most drool-worthy frozen desserts, we’re not talking your basic crème glacé. You may have seen photos of them on your social media news feeds, quickly hitting the retweet or like button and cyber-stalking for hours. From the most extravagant ice creams to soda floats to everything-in-between, here’s where to find the most epic frozen treats in Toronto. [Image credit: iStock.com/GMVozd]
Warm days around Toronto’s Kensington Market are for enjoying some of the city’s best frozen treats, whether it be a cute ice cream bar or all-natural homemade frozen yogurt topped with tasty sweet garnishes. Vegans rejoice; many of these shops scoop and spin vegan ice cream. Kensington is made for snacking on the go, so stay cool and explore the Market with a treat in hand. [Image credit: iStock.com/AbElena]
Though matcha green tea is best known for its extensive range of health benefits, it can also be used to make one heck of a treat. These tearooms, cafés and patisseries are expert in everything from the matcha latte to matcha macarons to matcha ice cream. Here are our top picks for matcha green tea infused desserts and beverages in Toronto. [Image credit: iStock.com/RyanJLane]
Hot chocolate has long been considered one of the greatest comforts of winter, and Toronto is more than ready to keep us re-discovering this treat thanks to a host of creative flavours. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy your favourite hot treat, get ready to experience it again and again at any of the locations below.
Just because you’re gluten-free doesn’t mean you need to feel deprived. You can have your cupcake and eat it too! Satisfy your sweet tooth with these bakeries scattered around the city. Each one offers specialized gluten-free cupcakes that are perfect for indulging any day of the week.
Thing about Toronto weather? With the majority of our months spent in blistery autumn or frozen winter, tis usually the season to curl up with a good book and a perfectly rendered, piping hot latte. Check out our list of Toronto’s cutest and coziest cafes to swing by this winter season.
Toronto is a city with lots of variety, and there's no exception when it comes to its patisseries, bakeries, and sweets shops. From traditional Canadian tarts to international delights, plus vegan, gluten-free, and other healthy options, there's something to satisfy everyone. Best of all? The delectable desserts at these charming Toronto dessert are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. [Image credit: iStock.com/Ursula Alter]
Downton Abbey may have made having high tea all the rage, but you don’t have to dress like Countess Violet to tuck in for some creamy Earl Grey. There are plenty of cafés, shops, and restaurants across Toronto that are offering casual high tea experiences that are just as scrumptious as their fancier counterparts. Here are some places you can sip without having to put your pinkie up!
Some of Toronto's best baguettes, breads and butter tarts are baked in the east end, their heavenly aromas pouring out of the oven and onto the bustling Queen Street East strip. Other bakeries in Riverside and Leslieville feel like true hidden gems, tucked up side streets that only the locals frequent. Here are the spots to visit on the east side. [Feature image: Bobbette & Belle]
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