Shopping for the sister who has it all can be difficult, but the fact that you're in Toronto means that you have access to the best high-end shopping that Canada has to offer. Everyone knows about the luxury of Yorkville, but Toronto has plenty of districts with boutiques where you can find the perfect gift for your discerning sister.
I used to be one of those people with perfect skin, no matter how much I abused it. Then one day (cue the horror music), my skin broke out. I had to rethink my skincare regime, and started exploring Toronto’s scene for organic skincare products, free of harsh chemicals. Here are some of the city’s best local spots to get the goods – and trust me, your skin will thank you. [Photo courtesy of Pure + Simple]
For the average fella, few things remain more fulfilling than a proper barbershop hot shave. Whether priming your mug for a Movember masterpiece or merely taking some manly me-time, Toronto is stacked with steady hands skilled at the old school straight-razor.
All-natural sunscreen options have reached Toronto, using minerals like titanium and zinc, which act as barriers against UVA and UVB rays. From Coola to Boo Bamboo to 100% Pure, here’s where you can find safe, all-natural sunscreen brands in the 6. [Feature image: Consonant Skincare]
While there’s no shortage of shopping options at Yonge and Eglinton, we’ve picked out our local faves, some of which have been flying under the radar for years. Stroll through a used clothing shop, a charming bookstore, a boutique toting a modern collection of men’s and women’s garb, an art store or a spot for new skincare items. Here’s our guide to shopping on Eglinton Avenue. [Image credit: Graugaard]
It’s hard enough to find affordable and high quality beauty products, now imagine trying to find options that are environmentally friendly, organic and cruelty free. Luckily, there’s plenty of Torontonians who make taking care of the planet a priority, right down to your shampoo, your fragrance, or your makeup.
Looking to spoil yourself without spending too much money? Host an at-home pampering session and avoid dropping big bucks at a high-end spa. Visit these Toronto beauty boutiques to shop for a variety of indulgent lotions and potions for your hair and body.
What could be more satisfying than a day at the spa? A day at the home spa, of course. Everything you need for a day of relaxation is available in these Yorkville stores, so you can feel pampered at your own pace.
Let’s face it: going to the spa is expensive, but you still deserve a little luxury in your life. Instead of shelling out hundreds for an appointment, stock up on spa products from these West Queen West beauty boutiques so you can give yourself an at-home spa day anytime you want.
If you knew when you were going to need a doctor, you’d have all your drugs stocked up in advance and time booked off at work. It doesn't work like that, however, which is why these handy late-open walk-in clinics save the day – or the night!
A dental emergency, such as broken teeth or lost crowns, just can’t wait until regular business hours. If you’re in a pinch and need some help, forget about trying to tough it out and call one of these dental offices instead. Your smile will thank you.
For most kids, going to the dentist is something to be dreaded and maybe even feared. But thanks to the kid-friendly dentists on this list, you can bring a bright – and clean – smile to any child’s face.
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