There is a huge Italian community in Toronto and they take their food very seriously, serving up mouthwatering meals to hordes of hungry diners on the daily. The number of authentic Italian restaurant in the city is endless, but we managed to narrow it down to the top 10. Here are the best Italian restaurants in Toronto. [Pasta dish at Gusto 101. Photo © YP Dine / PJ Resto]
From high-end restaurants to family-run institutions, there are all kinds of Chinese restaurants in Toronto. While there are different service options, menus and cuisines, these Chinese eateries have something in common: they offer authentic and delicious food! Here are the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto. [Photo: Luckee soba noodles by Libby Roach]
There is no shortage of all-you-can-eat restaurants in Toronto, and when it comes to Chinese cuisines the options are endless! From buffet spreads, to AYCE hot pots and “mini” buffets, Toronto has it all! Here are the best bets for all-you-can-eat Chinese food in the city.[Photo credit: iStock]
Dim Sum service is a tradition among many in the Chinese community and a popular dining experience on the Toronto food scene. Usually a cart service, dim sum menus vary from dumplings to deep fried snacks. Restaurants across Toronto showcase their take on the traditional Chinese lunch and dinner service. Here are the best spots to grab dim sum in Toronto.[Photo of Luckee by Libby Roach]
Hakka cuisine can find its origins in the small Chinese community that has lived in Kolkata for over a century. With elements of Indian and Chinese cuisine, Hakka also has roots in the Chinese communities of Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Toronto is home to many people from these communities, opening Hakka restaurants throughout the city! Here are the best Hakka eateries in Toronto.[Photo courtesy of Hakka Legend]
Many restaurants in the city offer a special family-style meal where you can order a set menu or pick and choose items to share. Whether it’s a chef’s table experience or a daily occurrence, family-style meals have enjoyed a recent uptick in popularity. Here are the best large format family-style meals in Toronto.[Photo credit: iStock]
Lucky for Torontonians it isn’t that hard to find traditional and not-so-traditional schnitzel in this town. The German dish is a breaded, and then pan-fried, pork, veal or chicken cutlet. Restaurants in the city are now putting their own twist on it, offering eggplant or mushroom in place of meat. Here are the best bets for schnitzel in Toronto![Photo of Otto’s Bierhalle by Alexandra Caufin]
There’s a large German community in Toronto and plenty of German restaurants to choose from. From authentic beer halls to a menu filled with perfectly fried schnitzel, Toronto is no stranger to Bavarian cuisine. Grab the sauerkraut, because here are the best German restaurants in the city. [Photo of Otto’s Bierhalle by Alexandra Caufin]
Cured meats, cheese, pickled vegetables and more! All these goodies put together make up some of Toronto’s best charcuterie boards. Whether you’re sharing or keeping it all to yourself, you’re going to want to savour every bite! Here is the best charcuterie in Toronto.[Photo of Nuit Social by Jennifer D’Agostino]
With Oktoberfest around the corner you’ll want to try all the sausages that Toronto restaurants are serving up. From sausages that are set ablaze to traditional Polish sausages, there is a variety available in the city. Here are your best bets for sausages in Toronto.
Le Burger Week takes over Toronto every year, with restaurants, pubs and burger joints across the city competing against each other to create the ultimate signature burger. The best part of this burger battle is the taste test, conducted by you! Try as many burgers as you can, then vote to crown the burger king (or queen). [Photo: Farmhouse Country Burger at the Kennedy Public House by Louise Yu]
For many CNE visitors, it’s all about the food! While there are always lots of new unique and over-the-top selections to try each year, there are also some great familiar options for those who want something tried-and-true. Here are some of the more established eateries that always serve up an amazing foodie experience that are taking over the CNE in 2017. [Photo credit: courtesy of Eva’s Original Chimneys]
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