From gummy bear laced drinks to popcorn-topped bourbons, there are lots of creative options on Toronto’s cocktail scene. It seems that mixologists across the city are flexing their creative muscles and we’re not complaining. Here are the most creative cocktails in Toronto. [Photo credit courtesy of Figures]
From literary inspired cocktails to a Manhattan-esque bar, Toronto is packed with new hot spots for a night out. Whether it’s for the atmosphere or the creative cocktails, these trendy bars have been garnering quite the crowds. Here are Toronto’s newest and trendiest bars. [Photo credit: Famous Last Words by Jennifer D’Agostino]
It's sangria time! There's nothing better than a freshly mixed sangria by the pitcher or glass - bonus if it's enjoyed on a sunny patio. These bars and restaurants serve up boozy fruit-filled pitchers that are sure to pack a punch. Here's the best sangria in Toronto. [Photo credit: courtesy of Barsa Taberna]
There are varying stories about the origins of the Margarita, but whether its from Mexico or Texas I think we can all agree that they are the delicious and the best accompaniment to Mexican cuisine. Here are the best margaritas in Toronto! [Photo credit: Kombucha margarita, courtesy of Fonda Lola]
Whether you like you lobster rolls cold or warm, classic style or topped with extra goodies, Toronto has plenty of mouthwatering versions of the New England favourite. Mixed with mayo, and usually celery, lobster rolls have become a favourite among seafood loving Toronto foodies. Here are the best lobster rolls in Toronto. [Photo credit: courtesy of Little Fin]
Fish and Chips are serious business to fans of golden battered fish and perfectly cooked fries, and there is no shortage of shops that take this dish seriously in Toronto. There’s nothing like fresh fish, crispy batter and golden fries to tempt any seafood lover. Here are some of the best fish and chip shops in Toronto. [Photo credit: Olde Yorke Fish and Chips by YP Contributor]
From oysters to lobster to fish and chips, Toronto has a lot to offer when it comes to seafood. Whether you’re in the mood for an upscale dinner or a quick casual lunch, you can always count on quality from the restaurants found below. Here are the best seafood restaurants in Toronto. [Photo credit: Soft shell crab from Fresh off the Boat by YP Contributor]
Oyster fans love their seafood fresh, but where do you find them so far from the coast? Luckily, Toronto's is on top of its seafood game, with a variety of fresh oysters to choose from, imported and guaranteed fresh. Whether you seek a fancy night out or a casual conch, you're sure to have a shucking good time.  Here's Toronto's best oyster bars. [Image credit: Oysters from Rodney's Oyster House by Kathleen Renne]
Toronto has seriously upped its ice cream game, from cone to toppings, there’s some outrageous frozen treats out there. From seaweed cones to churros and junk food filled soft serve, there is no shortage of crazy cones available in the city. Here are the best bets for a tasty treat and Instagram-worthy photos. [Photo credit: Junked Food Co. by Jennifer D’Agostino]
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