With maker culture booming in the 6, there has never been more workrooms around the city for crafts and creative hobbies. Thanks to resources like Youtube and the growing sharing economy, you can learn everything from making your own clothes to re-decorating your home using recycled materials. These craft supply stores in Toronto will guide you on your creative pursuits! [Image credit: iStock.com/azgek]
Torontonians can feed those sugar cravings at one of the bright and colourful candy stores across the city. From UK imports to retro candies, you can find tasty treats sure satisfy any sweet tooth. Here are the top eight candy shops in Toronto.[Photo credit: iStock.com/Blade_kostas]
Are you a crafty soon-to-be-wed looking getting thrifty for your wedding? Thanks to the creative ideas of social media, DIY wedding decor is more do-able than ever before. From large items like furniture, to the finest of details, these shops will have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Now all you need is a team of helpers to get set up for your big day! [Image credit: iStock.com/ beorm]
Toronto is home to many city witches, mystics, psychics and folks interested in dabbling in the dark (or light) arts. But what is the best spot to snatch that eye of newt, incense or crystal quartz amulet? The following is a list of the top occult shops in the city – just don’t expect any pointy hats sitting behind their counters. [Image credit: iStock.com/volkovslava]
Shopping for the sister who has it all can be difficult, but the fact that you're in Toronto means that you have access to the best high-end shopping that Canada has to offer. Everyone knows about the luxury of Yorkville, but Toronto has plenty of districts with boutiques where you can find the perfect gift for your discerning sister.
This holiday, give that special someone a gift they will remember for years to come, one that will make them smile every time they look at it, or pee their pants laughing. Normally you’d have to go to the ends of the earth to find something that fits the bill, but we’ve scoped out some of Toronto’s best shops for finding creative gifts that will leave a lasting impression. [Photo courtesy of Labour of Love]
Step away from the screen, Toronto. It’s time to go analog and crack open those pencil crayons. Whether you’re looking to de-stress or turn on the right side of your brain, we’ve rounded up the best local, independent shops that are getting in on the very welcomed adult colouring book trend – and to boot: a pub night for putting your new creative find to good use! [Photo courtesy of Room 2046]
It looks like everyone is becoming keen on pop culture’s most tempting trends and laughable progressions. It could be the new Star Wars film, the raging popularity of anything with Toronto’s name on it, the latest gadget or the newest foodie flavour (whiskey spice mustard, anyone?). Here are some of the city’s best shops to pick up a gift for the pop culture junkie on your list. [Photo courtesy of Arts Market]
Toronto is absolutely rabid about its sports teams, which is a good thing considering the difficulties that major pro teams are experiencing within the Big Smoke. The fandom of Torontonians has made this city one of the best sports spots in Canada, which is good news if you're seeking a gift for sports aficionados.
Looking for the perfect gift for that special athlete in your life? This guide will give you ideas for some fun, unique gifts that you can pick up in Toronto to dazzle your sporty friends and family during the holidays. Start shopping now!
In this digital culture, some still prefer the warmth and ritual of playing a full-length album on vinyl. Whether it's a mint-condition original or a well-loved second-hand reissue, there's no better gift for music geeks. Boost your hi-fi IQ and pick up a stack of wax for the vinyl enthusiast on your list.
Is there someone on your list who just loves throwing the dice and moving Meeple around the board? Whether it's beating Cthulhu, stealing from Smaug or building the longest train, stop by one of these Toronto-area board game stores to find just what you need.
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