Toronto is home to many city witches, mystics, psychics and folks interested in dabbling in the dark (or light) arts. But what is the best spot to snatch that eye of newt, incense or crystal quartz amulet? The following is a list of the top occult shops in the city – just don’t expect any pointy hats sitting behind their counters. [Image credit:]
With autumn quickly creeping in and the ‘dark season’ approaching, it’s only natural to take stock and try to predict what the winter will bring. For those looking for some guidance, or simply seeking a spooky experience this Halloween, these specialty shops and studios will unveil some of the mystery with their in-house spiritual psychics.
Three words: Pick. Your. Own. Whether you’re looking to come home with a bag of freshly plucked Ontario apples or frolic about the pumpkin patch with your pals, these Ontario farms are ready with all the essential autumnal activities. These close-to-the-city spots offer everything from a quintessential fall wagon ride through the field, to estate wineries, to weekend farmers markets. [Image credit:]
Halloween might be everybody’s favourite scary holiday, but Toronto's haunted homes and buildings will give visitors a fright all year round. If you fancy a scare, check out the local tours that will you guide you through the stories and corridors of these spooky spots around the downtown core.
For many, the Halloween season is the most important celebration of the entire year and as such, Toronto’s costume and décor game is decidedly strong. So you best be ready. Looking for the perfect piece to complete your guise (or just a last-minute costume), or keen on decking out your spot with everything from fake spider webs to animatronic zombies? Check out these spooky spots for all your Halloween needs.
Even grownups like to play dress up from time to time. You’re sure to find an outrageous outfit for your next theme party at these Toronto costume shops. Now you just have to decide if you want to go for spooky, silly or sexy.
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