Picking the perfect spot for a first date can be a daunting task. How do you impress a new love interest without looking like you’re trying too hard? Take the pressure off at these cool-yet-casual first date spots.
There’s nothing like a round of discounted beverages to take the edge off after a long day at the office. Unwind for less and enjoy a happy-hour drink (or two) at these Toronto bars.
Those looking to have fun on the cheap this summer should head to these patios for great eats and great deals! Whether you’re looking for drinks or a meal with friends, these restaurants have your budget in mind. Here are the top patios for the money-savvy!
Toronto has embraced tequila culture, with restaurants and bars offering extensive tequila lists, and entire bars dedicated exclusively to the agave drink. Originating from Jalisco, Mexico, the beverage is made from the blue agave plant found in that region. From tequilas to Mezcals, Toronto’s selection is sizable. Here are the best tequila bars in Toronto!
Something there is about a frigid mid-winter day that sends the mind in the direction of sake. If you can’t warm your bones from the outside, after all, you might as well work on it from the inside.Toronto is fortunate to be blessed with a whack of bona fide sake joints where chilly travelers might find heat-bearing relief in the form of this minor miracle of fermented rice. Here are five of the best:
Today is National Wine Day! How are you going to celebrate? I’ve come up with the top 5 spots, so now all you have to do is drink up.What a way to start the week!
Looking for a cold brew, check out these hot spots to have a true beer experience.
This is the one holiday of the year where people who don't drink a lot end up drinking a lot. And usually it's something green or Irish. But you can have a sophisticated St. Patrick's Day too if that's more your style. That's the great thing about Toronto - there really is something for everyone. Here are my picks for Top 5 spots to raise a glass (or six) in honor of this Irish holiday:
Toronto Beer Week is about to be in full effect (September 18-26), so you should go get yourself a brew already to get the celebrations going. Problem is, where to start? There are so many events to choose from.
Sangria, a popular drink in Spain and Portugal, has made its way onto many Toronto drinks menus this season yet again. Thanks to its ingredients of wine, fresh fruit, a sweetening agent, and a little brandy, it appeals both to wine lovers and those looking for a refreshing, fruity drink. The key is to use good wine and keep the sweetness in check.
As starred events on the calendar go, St. Patrick’s Day is a biggie. No occasion sees non-Gaelic types more passionately working to convince the world they are Irish born. That means a fervent crowd of emerald-wearing wannabes, waving clovers and swigging from mugs of green beer. Natural born or not, Torontonians can find lots of establishments to get lucky this St. Patrick’s Day. Here are five of the best:
Happy Hour, False Economy Hour, Cocktail Hour, call it what you will, but one thing is for sure: there’s no shortage of daily drink specials or happy imbibers on Queen Street East. These bars, pubs, restaurants and taverns do it best, offering great drinks at reduced prices to make your first few hours after work even more enjoyable. [Image credit: iStock.com/Pekic]
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