Going back to school can be tough, especially when you still haven’t found the right books-worthy backpack or tote. For those looking for functionality without sacrificing style, here are some boutiques in Toronto that carry sleek bags – from designer handbags to leather backpacks to bags with the fur – that can take you from school to work to play all in one day. [Photo courtesy of Eleven Thirty]
Torontonians can feed those sugar cravings at one of the bright and colourful candy stores across the city. From UK imports to retro candies, you can find tasty treats sure satisfy any sweet tooth. Here are the top eight candy shops in Toronto.[Photo credit: iStock.com/Blade_kostas]
The world of kids’ clothing goes beyond the big box stores. Many independent retailers have great selections of kids' outfits for everyone in the family from babies to teenagers. These shops will dress your kids with distinction.
It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to preparing for a newborn. Here are great a few baby boutiques in Toronto where expectant moms and dads can pick out the latest and greatest gear for little ones.
Junior members of your household often get the short end of the stick: they’re either too young to make their own decisions or too old to be pampered. These seven Toronto kids’ home decor stores meet you in the middle by offering a choice of furnishings that’s sure to please everyone.
Shopping for maternity clothing isn’t what it was like in your mother’s day. Now, moms-to-be have plenty of options when it comes to fashion, affordability, accessibility and fit. As these nine Toronto maternity stores will show you, maternity and nursing wear have come a long way, baby.
It’s a rare person of any age who isn’t amused by a toy. The appeal of games, puzzles and costumes spans generations. These Toronto toy stores seek to expose the child-like sense of wonder that exists in everyone.
Little ones require constant attention and plenty of stuff! Help make your lives as new parents a little easier by stocking up on clothes, toys and all sorts of child-rearing gear from these Toronto shops for kids and babies.
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