Did you know that you’re living in the unofficial sandwich capital of the world? Toronto is home to sandwich names that read like love poems, snack stops devoted to endless spins on a favourite ingredient, and places offering good old-fashioned BLT and grilled cheese - the Earl of Sandwich would be proud.
You don’t have to travel far to try authentic pho – it’s available right here in your backyard. This delicious Vietnamese soup has reached new heights of popularity, and foodies aren’t the only ones taking notice. The dish is affordable and accessible to all tastes. Adventurous diners eager to please their culinary palates can enjoy a taste of Vietnam right here in Toronto.
Yonge and Eglinton: it’s busy, it’s bustling and it just may be the downtown of midtown, not least because of its excellent selection of local bistros and gastropubs. From a cleansing liquid lunch, old-school deli or a hot bowl of ramen, here are our top picks for restos just a hop-skip off the beaten Eglinton track.
Whether you're in search of big-league bun or the city's best beef broth, Toronto's Vietnamese restaurants are as plentiful as they are authentic, from the pho to the fresh rolls. From a mainstay in Scarborough to a Chinatown legend, here are the spots to hit if you're looking for some tasty Vietnamese food. [Image credit: iStock.com/Patrick Heagney]
Out with the old and in with the new: successful restaurants are rebranding and expanding all the time in Toronto. This means more great food at more locations and creative spinoffs of popular themes. Less-successful eateries are renovating and overhauling their menus to try to win back your loyalty. It’s a win-win for local foodies. [Feature Image: Barque]
Toronto's chefs tend to avoid simplicity. If making a BLT, they'd rather smoke the bacon, toss in market-fresh arugula and drizzle lemon aioli atop a focaccia bun. After all, the best part of dining out is enjoying something you could never make yourself. Sandwiches, then, pose the perfect challenge; some may seem easy, but at these restaurants, they're utterly unique. [Stack of sandwiches at Rashers. Photo by Parisima Baha]
Franchise food chains and restaurateurs are pouring into Liberty Village. They see the upstart condo community as a vast market of hungry young adults with hectic lifestyles and disposable income. Thanks to the scope and variety of dining options, lunchtime here is different every day. Here are some delicious spots you can visit for lunch in Liberty Village.
Have you been hunting for the best guacamole in Toronto? Look no further. Whether you’re after citrus flavours, chunky texture or spice, you’ll find the guacamole to suit your needs right here. This list is guaranteed to make you long for Mexico then assuage you with the best local alternatives. Salud! [Photo of El Catrin by Parisima Baha]
Born to the streets of urban Japan, the izakaya is traditionally understood as a place to stay and drink. Whether it’s a divey hole where a stomach is quelled with copious deep-fried edibles, or a refined eatery delivering a superb culinary and social experience, the city is rich with unique takes on Japanese food and atmosphere. Itadakimasu! [Image credit: iStock.com/PamelaJoeMcFarlane]
Some of Toronto's best baguettes, breads and butter tarts are baked in the east end, their heavenly aromas pouring out of the oven and onto the bustling Queen Street East strip. Other bakeries in Riverside and Leslieville feel like true hidden gems, tucked up side streets that only the locals frequent. Here are the spots to visit on the east side. [Feature image: Bobbette & Belle]
Originally from Hawaii, poke has made its way North, popping up in Toronto neighbourhoods over the past year. It is traditionally made with tuna or octopus, but the local variations tend to come in all sorts of seafood options, from crab to salmon. Here are some of the top spots for poke in Toronto. [Photo credit: courtesy of Calii Love]
When the winter chill hits Toronto everyone seems to be craving comfort food and chili often hits the spot. It’s hearty, warm and sometimes spicy, the perfect dish on a cold winter’s night. Toronto is home to all kinds of chili, from the Texas original to completely vegan, and everything in between! Here’s our picks for the best chili in Toronto. [ Photo credit: Jennifer D'Agostino]
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