Dinner is a chance to wind down and enjoy time with family and friends. From July 7 to July 23 at the City of Toronto's Summerlicious, you get the chance you experience a variety of tasty dinner options you’ll love. Each of these restaurants offers a delicious three-course meal for only $28. Be sure take a look and reserve your spot today. (Image credit: Lisa Marie)
Looking for an affordable option for lunch? From July 7 to 23, Summerlicious, put on by the City of Toronto, serves up multiple three-course lunch options to suit your taste buds for only $18. Take a look at our list of hotspots and reserve a place today! (Image credit: The Carbon Bar)
Lunch should be more than just a grab-and-go affair – at least some of the time. From July 7 to July 23, you have the opportunity to turn lunch into something special with a Summerlicious 2017 $23 three-course meal.Beaumont (Image credit: iStock.com/LauriPatterson
Sometimes you need to splurge on lunch, and Summerlicious 2017, put on by the City of Toronto, is the perfect opportunity to do so. From July 7 to 23, you can tuck into gourmet lunches for just $28 at top restaurants across the city. Be sure to look at the list below to choose your favourites and reserve a spot today. (Image credit: Nota Bene)
Looking to snag a table at one of Toronto's top restaurants? Look no further than the City of Toronto's Summerlicious 2017! Top local restaurants are offering three-course prix-fixe menus for the two weeks of the festival, giving you a chance to try something new or return to an old favourite. Book your table today at any of the following gems across the city – let's get you seated! [Image credit: iStock.com/LauriPatterson]
Not that you need an excuse to get out and discover the amazing dining options Toronto has to offer, but Summerlicious 2017, put on by the City of Toronto, makes it just that much easier, and affordable! With a wide range of three-course $38 dinners, which ones will you choose? Make sure you don't miss out and book today. (Image credit: The Chase Fish and Oyster)
If you've had your eye on one of Toronto's top restaurants, then Summerlicious 2017, put on by the City of Toronto,  is your chance to make it happen for just $48 per person. Book your delicious three-course dinner today! (Image credit: Auberge du Pommier)  
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