You might be the type to toss tires at CrossFit, ride the fake waves on a surfboard simulator, or scale a rock-climbing wall in two minutes flat. Whether it's a state-of-the-art gym or something you’ve never tried before (fencing, anyone?), here are 25 of the best spots in the city to get active and get fit. [Image credit:]
If you're looking to celebrate the New Year but are dreading the thought of overpowering music, jam-packed crowds and black tie dress codes, read on to see all the gems Toronto has to offer for your ideal end-of-year affair. From hip pubs and cozy eateries to board game cafés and comedy shows, there's sure to be something that fits you just right.
For many years, Toronto’s billiards scene was well, lacking. Elderly dives and pubs hosted rickety tables and a questionable clientele, while beloved brewpubs and craft cocktail spots remained mysteriously billiard-less. For a while there, it seemed there was nowhere in the city where you could enjoy some good company, delicious drinks and a few rounds of pool – that is, until these sweet bars stepped up.
If you’re the type of Toronto-dwelling record aficionado who knows your original-pressed from your re-issues and your double grooves from your roulette masterings, here is your guide to the city’s best bring your own vinyl nights and record-centric events. Or, if you’re new to the scene and interested in the old-school approach to easy listening, check out these bars spinning vinyl all week long.
Stuck inside on a rainy day in the 416? Don’t let the dreary forecast put a damper on your fun. Toronto has a wide variety of entertaining indoor activities that are sure to make you forget all about the wet weather.
Okay weather gods, we get it. We’re Toronto, and we should expect extreme climates all year round, from record-breaking sub-zero Februaries to perpetually soppy Junes. Luckily, to combat the fun-sucking climate, Toronto has supplied a myriad of the indoor, the enclosed, and the sheltered for locavores to get fed, get romantic, and get cultured, even on a chilly day. [Feature Image: Allan Gardens Conservatory]
Whether you’re heading north, east, south or west from Toronto, chances are you’ll pass by one of the province’s top-grade microbreweries with two-litre growlers, 500 ml bottles and kegs to-go on offer. You may have tried a tasty selection from an Ontario brewery at a Toronto craft beer bar, but the on-site bottle shops are well known to be the spots for trying rare and intriguing flavours that won’t make it to Toronto proper.
Toronto winters can be long, cold and unforgiving. So how do you avoid the inevitable gloom that sets in during this frigid and dark time of year? Here are some unique spots that’ll help you escape the miserable weather outside — temporarily at least.
Is there anything more panic-inducing than planning a first date with a virtual stranger? If you’re looking for a fun activity that’s a little outside the box, forgo the classic dinner-and-a-movie night out and wow your date with one of these unique activities.
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