Afternoon tea is the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy the finer things in life. Pay a visit to these Vancouver teashops and indulge in a cup of tasty loose-leaf tea alongside delectable baked goods, petit fours and savoury finger sandwiches all plated on elegant tiered serving trays. The best part, you don’t even have to share!
Vancouver's annual Hot Chocolate Festival returns for a seventh season from January 19 to February 14, when almost 30 cafés will be putting their unique twist on the classic hot cocoa recipe. From boozy blends to far-out flavours, read on to learn about the 61 drinks on offer. The delicious festival is also fundraiser for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Job Training Program. [Image courtesy of Thomas Haas; Photo credit: Amy Ho]
When the temperature drops, it’s time for hot chocolate. This rich, creamy childhood classic gets a sophisticated twist thanks to the fine chocolatiers and baristas in the Lower Mainland. The tough part is deciding whether you want your hot chocolate with or without whipped cream!
It’s a rough world for lemon lovers – I’ve personally received much flak for my dessert preferences from some unnamed opinionated chocolate devotees. Attacks on personal taste aside, it’s way more fun to wholeheartedly embrace the true object of your sweet tooth. If you're hoping to track down some tart treats in Vancouver, follow this guide to get your just desserts!
As more and more professionals work from home, or in shared office spaces, it’s essential to have your own go-to spot for meetings. If you’re looking for an inspiring spot in Vancouver to get down to business, here are the best coffee shops and hidden spaces for productive conversations.
For downtown workers, casual strollers stepping off the Seawall, or just folks with a taste for good meals and drinks, look no further than these Coal Harbour spots. These inviting cafés and eateries are all ideal destinations to chill out while consuming tasty fare. Whether you’re an overwhelmed tourist, a panting jogger or a backlogged businessman, you can’t go wrong with these daytime establishments.
With apologies to my mother, Vancouver offers some tough competition for the title of Best Chocolate Chip Cookie. Some of them riff on traditional elements with creative twists, while others are more of a chip off the ol’ block – or, should I say, a chip off the ol’ choc…olate chip cookie? Here are a few local bakeries and cafés where you’ll find tasty renditions of this timeless treat.
Let’s face it, half the fun of indulging in a calorie-rich, aesthetically pleasing dessert is capturing and sharing the moment with your social network. With great lighting, attractive interiors and eye-catching treats that taste as good as they look, these sweet spots in Vancouver are a must-try for Instagram-loving foodies. [Photo courtesy of Beta5 Chocolates]
There’s no shortage of major chain coffee shops in South Granville, but there are also plenty of more charming options. Whether you’re seeking your first pick-me-up of the day or settling in for a leisurely chat over afternoon tea, here are a few local faves.
Vancouver has been named one of the world's top 10 best cities for coffee. There are literally hundreds of cafes in and around the city that are always bustling with Vancouverites who just can't get enough of their java. We've compiled a list of our favourite coffee shops that we frequent when we need to satisfy our coffee cravings in the Lower Mainland. You don't have to travel far to enjoy a solid cup!
Vancouver is generally known for its coffee shops, but now special subset, French cafes, are on the rise with locals discovering a new appreciation for fresh buttery croissants, macarons, lemon tarts, canelés and other treats that take the care and attention only pastry chefs trained in the French tradition can provide. Here’s where to grab a taste of Paris in the neighbourhoods of Vancouver.
Move aside coffee, there’s a new hot caffeinated drink keeping Vancouverites warm: the matcha latte. With it’s a creamy-yet-subtle flavour, this green-tea-latte hybrid drink is the new go-to beverage to enjoy before or after work.
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